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Specialty Toy

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Specialty Toy
Find out how educational toys can spur a child to better emotional and mental growth. Specialty toys cater to different age groups and not available at mass merchandise outlets.

Toys are not just child's play. With a toy, you can gift a child hours of entertainment and education. Educational toys provide a good foundation, be it in sensory skills or memory or even language and mathematics skills. Psychologists have proved that the right toys can stimulate the child's brain and help in developing listening and creative skills.

This can give a boost to the child's emotional and intellectual development and give him the edge. Audio toys can help a child in following oral directions and responding to auditory cues. Soft plush toys help a baby find comfort. Each of us would remember a warm teddy bear or a cuddly toy that remained a favorite for a long time.

Specialty toy

Specialty toys provide a unique and enriching experience for kids. You can select a specialty toy according to the age group of the child. You can pick up build and program robot sets that will keep kids engaged for hours on end and pique their curiosity and learning. There are activity kits that allow a child to create and publish his own book.

What better way to spur your homegrown Rowling! A little kid can be gifted with a specialty toy like Thomas Tank - a railroad works set that he can potter around with for hours trying to get the engine on the tracks again. Older kids need educational toys that can give them a challenge as well as give them hours of pleasure. Memory games and construction sets have always been popular.

You can pick specialty toys for this age group, such as knitting or needlework sets and woodwork activity sets. Toy versions of musical instruments help a child explore different sounds. As he gets older, he can work with mini versions of pianos and guitars and banjos. Specialty toys are not found at all mass merchandise retailers. You need to scout around for them at specialty toy stores.

Toy for tots

A gurgling infant can be stimulated with toys that stress simple physical activity and help in building up his major muscle groups. An infant toy needs to appeal to the child's nascent sense of touch. Specialty toys for infants that develop their visual perception find favor with most parents. High contrast color combinations grab the attention of the little ones and develop their ability to focus on objects.

Such toys for tots make ideal gifts. Since infants learn through exploration, toys for tots must provide them with enough stimuli to explore and learn. Concept development and hand-eye coordination are best learnt by playing with educational toys that have been especially crafted for the little minds.

Toys for tots should be safe and non-toxic. Toddler toys must not have sharp edges or points. They should not have detachable pieces that can lodge in the windpipe, ears or nostrils. Infant toys must be large enough so that they are not swallowed. Baby toys range from rattles and squeak toys to musical and chime toys. Infant toys also include colorful floating tub toys.

Once the infant is about a few months old, he can enjoy nested and stacking toys as well as books with eye-catching pictures and jingles. Toddler toys for one and two year olds can range from ride-on toys as well as push-pull toys. Stuffed toys are also very popular with the little ones.

Educational toy

Experiments with children have proved that providing the right educational toy gave them the stimulus to increase their IQ by nearly 50 points. Though it is not only educational toys that that can get you this result, but also they play no small role in shaping a child's intelligence and emotional quotient. Early learning experiences can go a long way in determining the child's abilities, skills and performance.

Choosing appropriate educational toys for your child can help you unleash the child's full potential. The child will enjoy the learning experience, whether it is through interactive and imaginative play or challenging board games. Pretend games are a wonderful opportunity to stir the imagination in your child.

Swimming pool toy

Think of a pool toy and what comes to mind is a colorful float in the shape of a popular animal cartoon. Little kids love such floats along with them in the swimming pool. Swimming pool toys allow the kid to clutch on till he is sure of swimming and double up as great companions in the water!

Beach toy

No trip to the beach is complete without the beach toy set. What is a trip to the beach when you cannot build your own sand castle? Beach toy sets offer small shovels, pail and scoop to allow the kids to play with the sand to their hearts content. Beach balls and beach toy games are ideal for older kids.

All kids have their favorite toys, be it the old raggedy doll or the musical picture book. Toys not only provide children with hours of fun and pleasure but help them learn and master skills as well. After all childhood memories are made up of playtime spent with friends and toys!

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