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Infant Toy

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Infant Toy
Infant toys are aimed at developing abilities throughout the important early months. Toys are customized to suit each stage of the baby's development from infancy and beyond.

It is often said that play is really a child's work. Infants are a bundle of fun and they tend to be very active. They are full of zest and energy raring to explore everything around them. They look at probable ways to expend their energy and love to indulge in all kinds of physical activities like pulling, pushing, lugging, knocking down, emptying and filling.

Infants also need plenty of intellectual stimulation. They are at the peak of curiosity where they have to touch and investigate everything they see. Toys are manufactured based on extensive research including inputs from leading infant development experts. Infant toys are aimed at developing abilities throughout the important early months. Toys are customized to suit each stage of the baby's development from infancy and beyond.

Infant toy guide

The first six months of the baby are all about discovery. A baby discovers the use of his/her own body, its hands, feet, eyes and senses. The baby is fascinated and awed at cause and effect and becomes keenly aware of its surroundings. Babies prefer toys that respond to their action. Babies love primary colors like red, blue and yellow. Therefore toys with high contrasts with simple designs are the best buys. Care should be taken to see that the toy is light, soft and easy for the baby to handle.

Toys that make noise: The overhead gym with lights, music and mobile enables the baby to gaze at the moving toys and tracking lights.

Push and pull toys: Toddlers love to be on the move and yet are not steady on their feet. A rider toy is easy to climb on and off and the wheel base in front offers stability. The push and pull toys also come with easy grip handles, convenient sippy cup holders, horns and baskets.

Stacking blocks and simple puzzles: A set of hardwood blocks with easy grip storage and carrying case are ideal infant toys. Blocks are generally scaled to the toddler size, a little larger than most. These blocks encourage fine motor skill. There are a number of interactive play models that enable the child learn the alphabet with the sing along radio and other activities. Drop balls in rainsprout for counting fun and musical reward. House numbers can be spun and dials moved on the clock. There are a lot of blocks for sorting shapes and color learning. Pop up toys, floating toys and large lightweight balls and plastic simple toy vehicles are a big hit with toddlers.

Musical toys: Musical mobiles that suit the baby's age and mood are available aplenty. These toys come with a set of lullabies or classical favorites that will soothe the crying baby. The mobile combines soft light motion and music. From black and white patterns to bright colorful graphics, the contrasts can be modified as the baby grows.

Infant toy guide

Size of the toy: Toys for infants are usually big in size to avoid the risk of the infant swallowing the toy.

Check for sharp edges and points: This is vital since infants tend to put things into their mouths or eyes. There is always danger of falling on top of the toy which can also cause injury.

Read warning labels: These labels usually indicate if the toy poses choking hazards for the infant typically under the ages of three due to small parts. Electric toys also have warning labels.

Volume control: In case of buying a sound enabled toy, ensure that the toy has a volume control as very loud toys can permanently damage the sensitive hearing of children.

Toxic materials: While buying art supplies for infants, ensure that they don't contain toxic chemicals. Make sure that they are safe even in case of accidental ingestion by the infant.

Best bath toys for infants

Bath toys range from traditional rubber ducky to the sophisticated toys manufactured for the diligent infant of today. What better way to enjoy bath time than to be surrounded by colorful water ducklings, swimming frogs, aquatic bobbers and gator boats.

  • Foam stickers made the kids look forward to bath time. These stickers adhere to the wall when wet and can be easily peeled off when dry.

  • Bath time can become music time with water flutes that can be tuned by adding various amounts of water to sound different notes.

  • The floating island bath toy with its racing cars or floating ships and airplanes make for uninterrupted fun.

  • A cute bath time doll is a real treat to play with in the tub. The little one will enjoy giving dolly a bath too while she has one. The doll comes with working shower and a pretend shampoo with inflatable turtle ring.

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