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Child Playhouse

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Child Playhouse
A child playhouse imprints joyful memories that last a lifetime in the minds of kids. Disney playhouse attracts young boys and girls alike. Outline your playhouse plan keeping in minds the child's interests and expectations.

Mention the word 'playhouse' to kids' in split seconds you will notice a magical glow, an expression of joy lighting up the face. Playhouse invariably tops kids list of 'I wish to have'. Child playhouse provides an avenue for kids to transform cherished dreams into reality. A perfect form of entertainment, a kid playhouse encourages children's imagination to run riot. In fact, creating a playhouse plan that is a scaled down version of a real house will delight the youngster and also becomes a perfect tool to instill responsibility.

Do you long to imprint joyful memories that last a lifetime in the minds of your kids? Are you keen that kids have unlimited fun, adventure and privacy together with a sense of accomplishment? Would you be interested in creating a safe, fun filled play area keeping kids close to home? The answer lies in giving a special place for kids, a child playhouse. Playhouse is an ideal choice to enjoy childhood in totality. Install an outdoor playhouse and you are gifting the child with hours of happy, creative fun. A child can pretend to be a school teacher or a mom at home with the kids or even a doctor or nurse.

Playhouse Plan

Every child is unique, and all crave to have loads of fun. To ensure complete joy and excitement for your kid, initiate the planning process with the kid playing the foremost role. Points to consider while outlining a playhouse plan:

Location: It could be an indoor or an outdoor playhouse. The advantages of outdoor playhouse are many. A playhouse at the backyard would be the perfect retreat for kids, ideal to play in a natural environment.

  • The place is shady

  • Perfectly flat level spot

  • Not amidst garden bushes

  • Away from running water

  • Nothing that can fall over

  • Away from electrical poles

  • Not too far away so as to keep an eye on the kids

Type: You can choose and create a simple, sturdy and safe do-it-yourself playhouse or select an easy ready-to assemble playhouse kit.

  • Consider age and interests of kid

  • Decide height and width when planning the playhouse

  • Provision for ventilation (windows/doors)

  • Quick-clean up facility

  • Water-resistant

  • Can resist rot and insect infestation

  • No protruding nails/rounded corners

  • Addresses the interest of the kid

  • Complies with safety code

While plastic kid playhouses are ideal for younger kids, you can go in for a wooden playhouse for older children. Wooden kid playhouse plans offer more options and can be placed in the yard, once they are appropriately treated. Go in for a playhouse kit that can be easily dismantled if you intend to just put them out for the vacations.

Style and design: The style and design of the playhouse plan should provide ample freedom to kids and facilitate uninterrupted creativity. The playhouse kit should essentially fulfill a child's expectation. Assess whether you need a playhouse with floor, roof and walls. Spruce up your imagination; involve kids in the process to design fun styles for the child playhouse.

A lot depends on the size of the playhouse. Start with planning the inside, shelves, hooks, counters and seats. The kids will enjoy coloring or sketching the outside of playhouse. Windows can take any shape, a star, a square, cartoon characters, shape of butterfly. The roof can be flat type, or a sliding type ideal to let down rainwater. The playhouse plan must be such that it gives enough room for the kids to have a good time. But don't make it so big that your child feels lost in it.

Add attractions: Kid playhouses that closely resemble a virtual home with kitchen, bedroom and living room set amidst the garden make kids feel really at home. Enliven your child's playhouse with little tables, seating options and other odds and ends to give it a homely look. Little girls love to find an opportunity to imitate mom. Bubbly boys prefer playhouse that are designed like a garage, rocket, a car or a football. Captivating playhouse in the shapes of cartoon Disney characters impress young boys and girls alike. Include provision for a ladder, loft or a storage box in the playhouse plan. You can also include mailboxes, flagpoles, porch swings and even provide for a doorbell.

Playhouse kit

You can opt for a playhouse kit and assemble it yourself. Enlist the help of the kids ...and you can be sure of hours of fun and activity. Playhouse kits come with ready-to-assemble pieces with directions for assembly. Ensure that you select a playhouse kit that is sturdy, waterproof and durable. There must be no sharp corners. Choose from an exciting range of child playhouse styles, from country cabin and rustic log house to Victorian style and chalets. Some kid playhouse kits come with additional attractions such as train stations, bus stops and clubhouses.

Help your child's imagination grow while creating those memories which will last a lifetime!

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