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Mobile Car Wash

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Mobile Car Wash
Take a look at the convenience and care that mobile car washes offer to your vehicle. Bid goodbye to long waits at car washes and get set to enjoy a car wash at the location of your convenience.

People across the world are willing to pay for services that are conveniently offered at their doorstep. The idea of having one’s car washed in the comfort of one’s home or office instead of taking it someplace and waiting is fast catching up. Car wash service companies offering mobile car wash services are available aplenty. These companies offer a wide range of services, performing them onsite and thus making it convenient for car owners. Mobile wash services are offered not only for cars but also for trucks, airplanes, jet skis and motorcycles.

Why mobile car wash?

  • Every car and vehicle is under constant assault by radiant and ultraviolet energy, acid rain, salt, pollution, insect fluids and bird droppings. These affect the vehicle’s finish.

  • Mobile car wash services cater to professionals with busy lifestyles and who have better use for their time than waiting in car- wash lines.

  • Mobile car wash companies cater to individuals and companies. Mobile car wash saves time. It also saves the bother of waking up early on weekends to avoid the long wait.

Mobile car wash

  • Mobile car wash gives the vehicle special and individualized attention.

  • The quality of work provided in mobile car wash is superior and unmatched.

  • Mobile car wash companies serve desired location, home, office or any other. They also offer fleet services, monthly plans and group discounts.

  • It is essential to use absolutely finest soaps, waxes and conditioners for car wash.

  • The comprehensive mobile car wash services include the toughest cleaning jobs, providing durability, shine, protection to each and every vehicle.

  • Mobile car wash provides interior, exterior and bumper to bumper comprehensive wash services. From exterior paint and trim, to engine, interior leather, upholstery, vinyl and carpet, every aspect of the car is taken care of. The term exterior care includes bug removal, wash and shine, gold edition, super paint sealant. Interior care involves cleaning of glass, dry foam, power clean, interior shine, leather clean and conditioning and scent. Tire care includes cleaning the tires, tire gloss, wheel check, wheel polish and paint sealant.

  • A very interesting aspect of mobile car wash facility these days is that mobile car wash companies are catering worldwide services and can fly or drive to any part of the world to provide quality services at special pricing.

  • Owners of expensive and luxurious vehicles are also apprehensive to send their vehicle with little known car wash companies. The mobile detailers come to their home or office and the detail shop is brought to their doorstep.

Mobile Car Wash Trailer

The mobile car wash services come in a mobile car wash detailing trailer featuring a large tank, bigger pressure washer, filler hose and a chemical storage rack. There is plenty of room to mount a generator and air compressor. The five gallon container chemical rack stores and easily dispenses the popular chemicals like car wash soap, tire cleaner, degreaser and rubber dressings.

Types of mobile car wash services

Many wash services offer business packages which includes polishes, cleaners, towels, brushes, buffer and manual.

  • Many companies offer standard, deluxe and double deluxe services with price ranging from $ 40 to $ 115.

  • Standard service means outside car wash and dry.

  • Deluxe services involves outside and inside wash, vacuum cleaning and tyres.

Mobile car wash during idle parking times

Nowadays, the concept of mobile speed car wash facility is provided during the idle parking time for a car. The car gets washed and cleaned while the owner is free to attend other more important activities at shopping malls, entertainment facilities and the workplace. This innovative experience is becoming increasingly popular. There is also no need to move the car from the desired parking space, as the service comes to the place where the car is parked.

Waterless car wash facility

These waterless mobile car wash facilities are popular as they save gallons of water. Another advantage of waterless car wash facility is that individuals can try it themselves in their homes. Waterless car wash and polish is available from even 1 cent ($ 0.01). The portable waterless mobile car wash systems are battery powered with dispensing liquid cleaners and waxes for rubbing into the body and windows of the vehicle.

Mobile car wash cost

The price structure of mobile car washes depends on the choice of cleaning facility ordered and the type of vehicle that is being washed and detailed.

  • Hand wash of the car starts with $ 30 per wash.

  • Detailing services of cars start with $ 90 per wash.

  • Exterior and interior packages start at $ 120 per wash.

  • Routine mobile car washes are available from $ 25 onwards per wash.

  • For specialized services that include detailing for luxury cars up to $ 1000 or more is charged.

Environmental safety considerations

It is increasingly felt that mobile car wash results in a large amount of debris and contaminants being left on the surface of the parking lot. Many contaminates eventually end up in a lake or a stream. It is under such circumstances that environmentally safe and bio-degradable products are being used for mobile car wash. Not more than 5 liters of water is being used with biodegradable products.

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