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Laminate Wood Floor

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Laminate Wood Floor
Find out why laminate wood floors are so popular as a flooring option. Pick up simple yet effective tips on cleaning wood laminate floors.

Laminate wood floors are increasingly sought by many homeowners on account of their affordability and ease of use. You get the combined benefits of the faux wood elegance and the durability of laminate. Such flooring can be easily installed and cared for. Look up our brief guide to laminate wood floors.

Laminate Wood Floor

Laminate wood floors are gaining in popularity, as they are a viable blend of the rich look and feel of hardwood and the durability of laminate. Hardwood floors are more eco-friendly and add to the value of your home. The gloss and grains of pine or maple and cherry wood floorings add a unique and elegant look to your rooms. Hardwood flooring however is expensive and difficult to install.

While the timeless and classic beauty of hardwood floors cannot be matched, wood laminate floors are more economical and easier to maintain. This type of flooring does not yellow or fade over time. Laminate wood flooring materials are cheaper and installation is cheaper too. It involves usage of composite wood pressed together at high temperature. Laminates come in various options; the cheaper ones being visually unappealing and artificial-looking.

The wooden laminate floor is the answer to those seeking economical, aesthetic and low-maintenance flooring that is also easy to install. It is ideal flooring in high traffic areas or households with little kids. Wood laminate floors come in different natural colors, from dark wood grains to cooler tones. This type of laminate flooring is composed of layers. The finished flooring material is waterproof and impervious to stains, spills and burns.

Typically laminate wood flooring has a 1/8th-inch layer of hardwood bonded to two layers of wooden backing. The wood laminate flooring can be installed over most substrates. The typical 4 layers in laminate wooden flooring include a stabilizing layer, treated high-density fiberboard, photographic pattern layer and clear melamine resin.

The 'floating floor' technology makes installation simple and quick. It involves fixing the flooring on a mechanical locking system rather than attaching the laminate. Engineered wood flooring is also composed of bonded layers but it must not be confused with laminate wood floors that use resin and wood fiber. But such laminate wooden floors cannot be easily repaired if they are damaged. The serious issue with wooden laminate floors is the formaldehyde emissions that can result from the resin made with melamine and formaldehyde.

Cleaning Wood Laminate Floor

There are simple ways to clean your wood laminate floor and keep it in good condition. Place entry mats so that your wooden laminate floor is clean of dirt and grit. Do not slide heavy furniture on the laminate floors. Use protective castors or mats for furniture and chairs. Do not use soap, wax, household cleaners or any other product on laminate floors.

This will leave a film on your floor and cause it to attract more dirt and leave streaks and footprints. Ensure that the laminate wood floor is thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning with mop. Use a solution of vinegar and water or ammonia and water. Using scouring pads or abrasive cleaners can damage the wood laminate flooring. Since wood laminate floors need low maintenance, you are saved the hassles of waxing and polishing as with hardwood floors.

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