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Lamaze Method

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Lamaze Method
The Lamaze method is being followed by many expectant women. Find out what to expect in a Lamaze class.

If you are an expectant mom or want to know more about Lamaze philosophy of birth, read on to learn more. Find out how a Lamaze class can benefit you. Understand the Lamaze method and the breathing patterns involved. Lamaze is not just about breathing patterns but a natural way to feel more positive and better prepared for one of your most momentous events. A woman can raise her own tolerance level of pain with the right mindset and comforting techniques. You also understand the natural birthing process better. These days Lamaze classes also include psychological counseling to tackle fear and anxiety. Lamaze method largely works to empower pregnant women by helping them overcome their fears of childbirth.

Lamaze method

Developed by the French obstetrician Ferdinand Lamaze, the Lamaze method has been widely used world over for nearly half a century. Lamaze method does not promise painless childbirth but instead coaches the expectant mother to respond to the pain by changing positions and massaging and movement to ease the baby into the pelvis and out of the birth canal. The Lamaze method emphasizes simple strategies to cope with pain during childbirth.

It focuses on controlled breathing methods to provide comfort during childbirth. Other than breathing techniques, the Lamaze method looks at other pain-relieving methods such as hot and cold packs and use of birthing ball. Other techniques include hydrotherapy, change of positions and massage. Various relaxation techniques are encouraged with the Lamaze method. you need to choose what works best for you - massage, conscious and rhythmic breathing, self talk, warm shower or imagery. While Lamaze method does not encourage use of drugs and other intervention during childbirth, it can be used if required medically.

Lamaze class

A typical Lamaze class stretches over 12 hours. Rhythmic breathing patterns are taught and practiced during the Lamaze class. Women are encouraged to bring their partners to help in coaching and massage techniques. In a Lamaze class, an expectant mother is taught through video and lectures what to expect during labor, birth and post partum. This makes the woman more aware and focused during labor and birth.

A Lamaze class is a location where an expectant mother meets others like her and she can share her fears and apprehensions and seek answers to her queries. An expectant mother is familiarized with different pain management techniques and medical intervention procedures. Women are educated regarding breastfeeding. Controlled breathing is vital to managing pain. Expectant mothers are taught not to invoke any counterproductive responses such as tensing up or holding the breath. Merely attending the class is not going to work. You need to practice and have a lot of patience. The process is largely psychological.

Lamaze breathing techniques

Lamaze breathing patterns always begin with a deep cleansing breath. Once you have relaxed, start with slow paced breathing. This kind of breathing at about 4 breaths per minute provides good oxygenation to the body. Faster breathing allows you to remain more alert and focused. The woman is asked to focus on positive feelings and maybe an object that catches her attention, maybe a family photograph. Effleurage massage is an intrinsic part of the Lamaze method. Rhythmic strokes on the legs, back and abdomen applied in circular motion help reduce the pain. The rate of breathing changes with advancing stages of labor. The pregnant woman practices to dissociate herself from the point of pain by conscious relaxation of muscles and breathing.

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