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Titanium Wedding Band

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A wedding band is a simple circle of metal that is representative of the promise to love, honor and cherish for all time to come. This symbol of nuptial vows must be chosen with care, one that suits your taste and personality. Wedding bands come in many styles, metals and finishes. From titanium wedding bands to diamond wedding bands, simple gold wedding bands to Celtic wedding bands, the range is vast. Titanium wedding bands are also popular

Wedding band

Matching wedding bands for the bride and groom are a popular option. But some couples prefer to choose wedding bands that suit their individual preferences. Custom designed wedding band sets can be made with shared band design or engraved pattern. You can get diamonds or your favorite precious stones set into the wedding band set. Gold wedding bands for men and women are an all-time favorite since they can be accessorized easily. You can opt for 14-karat, 18-karat or 22-karat gold bands.

Gold bands are now available in an exciting range of colors, from yellow and white to bronze or rose. Titanium wedding bands can be bought in different styles, from brushed finish and futuristic designs to ones with detachable bands.

The size and shape of the wearer is critical to choosing the wedding band. A large or wide hand would need a fairly medium-width wedding band. Slender fingers would set off a diagonal design. Broader bands can be overpowering on some hands. Precious stones can be set in channel or prong settings.

  • The wedding bands must be ordered well in advance.

  • Measuring for the wedding band is critical since inaccurate sizing can leave you with a ring that is too large or uncomfortably small.

  • Choose a finish that won't easily wear off or show blemishes.

Celtic wedding band

Wedding bands with Celtic knotwork are another interesting option. The cross strand of knots is characteristic of Celtic ring patterns and symbolize the intrinsic way in which the couple's life is woven together. Celtic wedding bands can be adorned with diamonds or other precious stones.

Titanium Wedding Band

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Titanium Wedding Band