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Platinum Jewelry

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Platinum is pure and rare - little wonder that it is a preferred choice for jewelry that is delicate and exquisite. Egyptians were the first to use platinum nearly three thousand years ago. South American Incas worked with it too. Platinum jewelry has been around since the late 1800s when it was popular with royalty.

Being a rare metal, a single ounce of platinum takes nearly five months and ten tons of ore. Its purity lends it a white luminescence that makes it an ideal combination to set off diamonds. On account of its rarity and preciousness, Platinum engagement rings are a perfect expression of love and commitment. Read up on titanium jewelry too.

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is ideal for even the most sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic. It is one of the most durable metals and is resistant to scratches on account of its density. It is one of the strongest and heaviest metals too. The sheer shine and brilliance of platinum makes it an ideal choice for a gift for someone you love. Platinum jewelry is usually alloyed with copper, titanium, palladium and iridium.

Platinum jewelry does not tarnish and is ideal for everyday wear. Precious stones are held firmly when embedded in platinum designs. Platinum prongs display minimal wear, which makes platinum an excellent setting for precious stones. The Hope Diamond, the Kohinoor and the Star of Africa, some of the world's famous diamonds are set in platinum. Being highly pliable, it is possible to create fine mesh accessories with platinum.

Platinum Jewelry - Buying Guide

Most platinum pieces are 95% pure - 950 parts per thousand. You can look for guaranteed quality marks such as 950 Plat, 950Pt, Pt950 or Plat. Some jewelry containing platinum and other group metals is marked with the platinum content and the content of the other metal - 600 Plat. 350 Irid or 600 Plat 350 Ir. Any jewelry that contains less than 50% pure platinum content cannot be marked as platinum.

Platinum jewelry can be purchased from reputed jewelry stores and online shops too. Discerning buyers looking for sophisticated yet fashionable jewelry can opt for the subtle beauty and elegant understatement of platinum jewelry. For women who are looking for classic designs that are understated yet timeless, there is no dearth of platinum jewelry items, be it rings and earrings or chains and bracelets.

Platinum jewelry is preferred by modern women who are looking for wearable jewelry - something that complements their lifestyle, something that doesn't look flashy at the workplace or an evening out. You can choose from platinum ear studs or drops and hoops in platinum filigree. Necklaces and bracelets in platinum are strong and come in matte or polished textures. Platinum is teamed with yellow gold to create contrasting colored jewelry.

Care of Platinum Jewelry

You can wear platinum jewelry everyday but remember to take good care of it. Platinum rings or chains can be cleaned with a mild soap water solution and scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. Ensure that you store the platinum jewelry items in a fabric-lined box to prevent scratches. Regular cleaning of platinum jewelry will help protect its luster and shine. Over time platinum develops a natural patina. It may be advisable to get your platinum jewelry cleaned professionally every few years, if you want to maintain the glossy look.

Titanium Jewelry

Titanium metal is lustrous gray and used to create lightweight resistant alloys. This metal that has been traditionally used for engineering and aerospace industries is being used to craft fine jewelry. Lightweight wedding bands made of titanium are gaining in popularity. Jewelry made of titanium wears well for rough use and can be easily polished to keep it looking new.

Body jewelry in titanium is extremely popular on account of its biocompatibility. Titanium jewelry has fewer instances of skin allergy when compared to any other metal due to its virtually nickel-free properties. Creators of titanium jewelry resort to anodizing processes to come up with jewelry of different colors.

You can opt for either jewelry in pure titanium and its alloys or jewelry with inlays of gold, silver or diamonds. Gold and titanium combinations make for contrasting patterns. Aircraft grade Titanium is more laborious to craft into jewelry when compared with basic grades. The workmanship and labor makes this jewelry more expensive. The Ti-6/6/2 alloy offers excellent resistance to daily and demanding wear but not many jewelers offer it since it is difficult to work with.

Platinum Jewelry

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Platinum Jewelry