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Wine Storage

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Wine Storage
An informative guide to wine storage and choosing wine racks. Wine coolers help retain optimum temperature for the wine to mature well.

As any true connoisseur would tell you, wine is a living organism that is created through dual processes - the growth of grapes and the conversion of sugar in the grapes by yeast. Its chemical composition is very complex and fragile thereby necessitating correct wine storage so as to preserve and enhance the quality of wine. Storage of wine depends on many a factor. Do you wish to install a wine rack in your home? What are the features of wine coolers? Learn some vital tips that can go a long way in storing your wine so as to savor its velvety texture or its sparkling spirit!

Wine rack

Wine racks can range from the top of the line walnut or cherry wood custom-built racks to simpler functional ones that can be bought off the shelves. Your storage needs depends on whether you are looking for wine racks for a single bottle, few bottles or hundreds of bottles. Bottle capacity and size of bottles determine your wine rack requirements. Go in for the sturdy beauty of wood or combine it with the functionality of metal.

You can even pick up a stylish wine rack in glass. You can choose from a wide range of wine racks - to suit your taste, budget and home d├ęcor. Wine coolers are sometimes fitted to the racks so as to store the wine in temperature-controlled cabinets. A well designed wine rack is one that keeps the wine from being agitated and doesn't dry out the cork on the bottles. This might lead to air entering the bottles.

Store wine bottles in mahogany wine racks that offer full-depth space and cradle the bottles without damaging the labels. Alternatively look for simple metal racks that are functional and don't burn a hole in your pockets. Added features such as frosted tempered glass and polished aluminum reflectors add to the overall grandeur of your wine display. If space is at a premium, consider a corner wine rack that can be attacked to other racks or can stand-alone rack. Some wine racks double up as tables with tops made of glass, wood or marble. This can be used to lay out cheese and other snacks that complement the wine. You can find some elegant wine racks that can be placed within your pantry or a dark corner of your kitchen too.

Teeth whitening tips

First and foremost, good dental care plays a very important role in maintaining the color of the teeth. Good oral hygiene not only keeps your teeth bright, but also goes a long way in maintaining overall dental health.

Brush your teeth as soon as you are out of the bed in the morning and also in the night, just before calling it a day. Gargle with water thoroughly after every meal to flush out the food particles stuck in the mouth. This method also prevents some of the colored foods staining your teeth. Give flossing as much importance as you do to brushing and incorporate this habit into your daily routine. Don't underestimate the role of flossing in giving you brighter teeth. Use proper brushing techniques while brushing your teeth and also change the toothbrush every 3 months. Worn out toothbrush is not efficient enough to whiten your teeth. Visit your dentist every six months as a part of regular check up.

Munching crunchy fruits and vegetables every day is not only good for overall health; they are good for your teeth too. The abrasive texture of carrots, apples and celery clean the tooth surface without harming the enamel. Fruits like apple and vegetables like carrots and celery scrub your teeth and make them appear whiter. Little wonder that they are called 'natural toothbrushes'.

Bromelain in pineapples works as a natural stain remover. It is also beneficial in tackling plaque. Nuts and seeds can aid plaque removal with their grainy texture and scrubbing action. Incorporate Shitake mushrooms into your diet to inhibit growth of mouth bacterial and protect your pearly whites. Protect your oral health with sulfur-rich onions and garlic. Broccoli can protect your teeth enamel by forming an acid-resistant barrier.

Milk, cheese and dairy products are good sources of calcium and other minerals. They strengthen the roots of the teeth and keeps the enamel intact, helping you to enjoy the white teeth naturally.

Using a straw to drink juices and will prevent discoloration of the teeth as the acidic substances and coloring agents in these liquids will pass through the mouth without touching your pearly whites.

How to get whiter teeth naturally

Rubbing a bit of baking soda on your teeth is the easiest and cheapest option to whiten your teeth. Baking soda helps in removing the stains on the teeth. But remember not to overdo it, use it only once or twice a week, over using may harm the enamel present on your teeth. Alternatively you can mix baking soda with a bit of lime juice and apply the paste.

Rubbing the juice of the strawberries, lemons and oranges on your teeth for a while will instantly whiten your teeth; the acid present in these fruits will erase the stains and give you shiny white color. It should not be done on a regular basis as the acid may actually harm the enamel and may lead to decaying of teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is also very effective in removing the yellow tinge on your teeth. It is normally available in the market in a liquid form with 3% (or lesser) concentration. Take one or two teaspoons of the liquid and add little water to it, rinse your mouth with this solution just as you would do with any regular mouthwash and follow it up with brushing. This works wonders and brightens your smile instantly. A word of caution though! Swallowing hydrogen peroxide is dangerous; hence one should be extremely careful while using this liquid.

Chewing sugar-free gum containing xylitol also helps keep your teeth white.

Well, also learn to dress right and get your makeup colors spot on. Some clever dressing can go a long way in minimizing the visual effect of yellowish teeth. Nude pinks, light brown lipsticks are best for yellowish teeth. Avoid very deep dark shades in glossy finish. Avoid gold toned jewelry. Instead go for silver and white gold to highlight the white in your teeth.

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