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Sangria Recipe

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Sangria Recipe
Sangria captures the flavors of a hot Spanish summer with its refreshing blend of wine, citrus fruits, special spice extract and more! Although red wine is used in authentic Spanish sangria recipes, white wine can hold its own when it comes to fresh fruit, ginger ale and a bit of sweet.

Sangria is a true Spanish fiesta spirit that should be served ice cold. There are several exciting variations of this drink, as there is no fixed Sangria, as is with any other Spanish specialty - it consists of a little bit of this and a little bit of that and whatever fruits you have on hand.

Sangria is more famously, a classic party drink for the summer. It is easy to make, inexpensive and very refreshing. It can be a good punch for a large party and by adding or omitting certain ingredients, you can make it as strong or weak as you like!

Sangria recipes

Sangria recipes get only better when spiced up with additions. And it is not possible to add any wrong ingredient with Sangria as it is only favorite fruits, spices and liquors. But success of any mixture will depend on the quality of ingredients added. For instance, the zest of a grape fruit can add a special zing to sangria. If grape fruit soda is added for ginger ale, then there could be added punch. Sangria is wonderful for early summer afternoons when the sun is hot and you would like something refreshing and fruit laden sans too much of alcohol.


Sangria means 'bleeding' in Spanish and this punch like drink gets its rich ruby color from the additional red wine, and uses Cointreau as the base spirit

Orange 1 quartered and sliced crossways
Apple 1 cored, quartered and sliced crossways
Cointreau 3-4 cups
Caster sugar ¼ cup
Shiraz chilled 2x 750 ml
Chilled lemonade 2 cups
Ice cubes to serve

Place the orange, apple, Cointreau and sugar in a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill and allow the flavors to develop. Add the sparkling Shiraz, lemonade and ice cubes to the fruit mixture. Using a ladle, transfer the sangria to a jug. Pour into glasses and serve.

Ginger brunch Sangria

Red wine 1 bottle
Lemon cut into wedges 1
Orange cut into wedges 1
Lime cut into wedges 1
Sugar 2 tablespoon
Orange juice or lemonade splash
Gin 2 shots
Raspberries or strawberries 1 cup
Diced pineapples 1 small can with juice
Ginger ale 4 cups

Pour wine into a large pitcher and squeeze the juice wedges from the lemon, orange and lime into the wine. Toss in the fruit wedges and pineapple and add sugar, orange juice and gin. Chill overnight. Add ginger ale, berries and ice just before serving. Use chilled red wine to serve right away.

Grape fruit Sangria

Red wine 1 bottle
Orange 1
Lime 1
Grapefruit ½
Lemon ½
Grand Marnier 3 tablespoons
Granulated sugar 3 tablespoons
Ice cubes
Ginger ale 6 ounces

Pour the wine into a large pitcher. Wash the orange, lime and lemon and cut them into thin slices and add them to the pitcher. Add the Grand Marnier and sugar and marinate for a couple of hours. When ready to serve, fill the pitcher with ice cubes, add soda and stir well.

Sangria white wine recipes

Although red wine is used in authentic Spanish sangria recipes, white wine can hold its own when it comes to fresh fruit, ginger ale and a bit of sweet. White wine sangria can make a refreshing summer drink with a splash of peach and can add sizzle to a summer time get-together.

Sangria Recipe 1

White wine 1 bottle
Peach Schnapps ½ cup
Sugar ¼ - ½ depending upon how much sweet is required
Peaches 2 sliced
Orange 1 sliced
Mangoes peeled and sliced ½
Ginger ale ½ liter

Pour white wine and Schnapps into a pitcher and add sliced peach, orange, and mango and then sugar and stir gently. Chill mixture for at least an hour and add ginger or club soda just before serving. If interested, sliced strawberries, a handful of raspberries, and a shot or two of triple sec and a cup of citrus soda pop can be added.

Sangria recipe 2

White wine 750 ml
Brandy (cognac) ½ cup
Orange 2 sliced and thin cross sections
Lemon 1 sliced
1 lime sliced into thin cross sections

Wash the fruit before slicing. Mix the wine, brandy and cognac and sugar in a large clear pitcher. Stir until sugar has dissolved. Add the fruit and stir. Refrigerate a few hours to allow flavors to combine. Before serving, top off with ice cubes.

Sangria recipe 3

Dry white wine 750 ml
Brandy 14 cup
White sugar ¼ cup
Lime sliced 4
Lemon sliced 4
Apples, green, 4 slices
Grapes, green, a bunch
Club soda 1 cup

Combine white wine, brandy and sugar in a large pitcher and stir in ice. Continue stirring until the sugar is dissolved and then add the lime, lemon, apples and grapes. Stir in the club soda.

Sangria brandy recipe - Cranberry pomegranate sangria

Dried cranberries ¼ cup
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Water 2 tablespoons
Brandy ½ cup
Dry red wine, chilled 750 liter
Cranberry pomegranate juice drink 3 cups
Orange juice chilled 1 cup
Orange 1 sliced
Club soda chilled 2 ½ cups

Combine sweetened dried cranberries, sugar and water in a small saucepan. Cook over medium low heat for about 3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved and cranberries are plumped. Stir in brandy and let cool. Combine brandy mixture, wine, cranberry pomegranate juice drink and orange juice in a large pitcher. Add orange slices. Mix well and chill. Stir in club soda just before serving.

Non Alcoholic Sangria

Apple, 1 peeled, sliced
Lemon 1 juiced
Orange juiced 1
Orange sectioned 1
Cranberry grape juice frozen concentrate ¾ cup
Cinnamon a pinch
Soda water 3 cups

In a medium pitcher make the sangria mixer by adding the apple slices, lemon juice and stir. Add in the orange juice, orange sections, the cranberry-grape frozen concentrate and cinnamon. Let the mixture sit for an hour to allow flavors to melt. Just before serving, add soda water to the pitcher. Service in glasses filled with ice. Optionally, soda water can be replaced with a dry white wine.

Easy Sangria recipe

Dry red wine 1 bottle
Brandy 2 tablespoons
Orange flavored liqueur 2 tablespoons
Sugar 1/3 cup
Orange juice 2/3 cup
Lemon juice fresh 2 tablespoons
Cloves whole 5
Allspice 3 whole
Cinnamon stick 1
Sparkling water 2 cups
Orange wedges 8
Lemon slices 5
Lime slices 5

Combine ½ cup of wine, brandy, liqueur and sugar in a 2 quart glass measure and microwave at high for a minute. Stir to dissolve sugar, Stir in the remaining wine, juices, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon. Chill for a minimum of 2 hours. Strain mixture into a pitcher and discard spices. Just before serving, stir in sparkling water and the remaining ingredients.

Sangria captures the flavors of a hot Spanish summer with its refreshing blend of wine, citrus fruits, special spice extract et al. Add peaches, apples, and orange slices, and other fruits for a delicious appertif or simply pair it with grilled meat.

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