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Gourmet Cookie

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Gourmet Cookie
The aroma and flavor of gourmet cookies is hard to resist. Check out how you can add a special twist to gourmet wedding cookies.

Wondering how the humble cookie, a teatime snack can become a gourmet item? Well, gourmet cookies come in various sizes and options, from chocolate layer sandwich cookies to pretzel cookies and exotic cookies with an assortment of ingredients. Personalized wedding gourmet cookies are a wonderful way to add a special touch to the wedding celebrations.

Cookies and more

You can come up with your own gourmet cookie baskets for the holiday season. Put together chocolate chip cookies, frosted cinnamon cookies and some oatmeal cookies. Classic chocolate chip cookies are an all time favorite, rich with little nuggets of chocolate.

You can also try gingerbread cookies, bursting with the goodness of ginger and sugar. Peanut butter cookies and lemon cookies are another option. Fortune cookies are a novel idea that serves well as a finale to a nice meal. While the mild sweetness goes down well after a meal, the fortune contained within adds a twist of excitement.

Oatmeal cookies are a household staple these days; combined with nuts or choco chips or dried fruit. Peanut Butter cookies have been traditionally home-baked and are loved for their characteristic nutty flavor. Palmiers are cookies that are made of puff pastry sheets rolled in sugar and folded and set to bake. Petit fours, macarons, meringues and tuiles are other popular small bakes. Brookies - cookies and brownies - combine the best of choco-chip cookies and rich gooey brownies. Biscottis are crisp cookies that are baked twice.

Cookies come in different flavors – chunky chocolate pecan, white chocolate Macadamia nuts and oatmeal cranberry. The wafting aroma of freshly baked cookies, rich with honey roasted peanuts, coffee or pistachios is hard to resist. Gourmet cookies come replete with rich Ghirardelli chocolates or lingering aroma of cinnamon or touch of sesame. You can select French Madeliene cookies or chocolate-dipped macaroons.

Gourmet wedding cookie

What began as a custom with the elite of Europe is now an accepted trend at most weddings. It is not unusual to receive a wedding favor fancy box with confectionery cookies. Individually wrapped and decorated wedding cookies are a simple token of appreciation from the wedding couple. Butter crème cookies can be fun to give and fun to eat.

Personalized wedding cookies are a wonderful way to personalize your wedding favors. You can select from a variety of shapes, from heart and leaf shaped to monogrammed wedding gourmet cookies. The couple’s initials can be embossed on the wedding cookies. Wrap them up in gold or colored foil. Try using gourmet wedding cookies as a decoration theme. You can stick up cookies on sticks or decorate them with frosting or sprinkles to come up with original decoration themes.

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