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Smoothie Recipe

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Smoothie Recipe
Make strawberry smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie or only banana smoothie in just 60 seconds. Smoothie recipes have all vital ingredients required for a healthy snack or breakfast accompaniment. Personalize to suit individual taste and create your own smoothie recipe.

You can whip up strawberry smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie or banana smoothie in just 60 seconds. All that you require is a fruit blender, fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, yogurt and low fat or skim milk. A smoothie is a pleasant, nutritious, health treat that appeals to all age groups.

Are smoothies synonymous with milkshakes or where is the difference? Is a fruit smoothie a perfect breakfast alternative or even a meal replacement? How can smoothies be served as a desert? Learn to make a true healthy smoothie recipe the way you like right at home.

The Smoothie facts

The ever-growing demand and desire among health conscious individuals for healthy, nutritious, easy-to-make recipes has favored the resurgence of smoothie recipes.

  • Healthy and tasty smoothie recipes work well with most and maintain better satiety levels.

  • Using whole fresh fruits in homemade smoothie recipes involves use of pure, natural ingredients.

  • Switching over to fruit smoothie means understanding and acknowledging the ill effects of unhealthy, artificial flavored drinks.

  • Smoothies help in weight loss efforts by reducing frequent in-between cravings.

  • Fruit smoothies are full of vitamins (especially Vitamin C and D), minerals, fiber, essential fats and enzymes.

  • Smoothies have a versatile appeal. Tropical smoothies make well for a good breakfast, a perfect way to start the morning.

  • Smoothies can be best meal replacement, meal accompaniment, 'food on the go' or even desserts.

  • There is no right or wrong 'flavor'. Smoothie recipes can be personalized to suit your taste and specific calorie requirement.

  • Bananas in smoothie recipes are common. Bananas are good source of potassium, a good protection to heart.

  • Healthy smoothie recipes are possible even without cow's milk. Soy or rice milk is appropriate alternatives for consideration.

  • A homemade smoothie recipe helps you keep a tab on calorie consumption. The alternatives are fat-free milk or buttermilk or fat-free plain or flavored yogurt.

  • Other substitutes to check on calories include honeydew, cantaloupe or watermelons.

Smoothie Vs. milkshakes

One can't help mistaking the easy to prepare, easy to consume frosty smoothie for a milkshake. The resemblance to milkshakes can be attributed to the thick, creamy, smooth texture of any smoothie recipe. However, as compared to milkshakes, smoothies are often non-dairy; do not usually contain cow's milk or ice cream. Very often smoothies are made with yogurt. You can perk up your homemade smoothies and make them healthier with wheat germ, Tahini or spirulina tablets.

How to make a smoothie

Smoothies need a liquid base so that you can slurp it up. The most common liquid bases include various fruit juices like apple or pineapple juice or rice milk, yogurt or even ice cream. Coconut milk as a base lends a new twist in flavor. If you want to avoid a thick consistency, filtered water can also be used as liquid base. Remember to shop for the following in preparation for a homemade smoothie recipe.

  • Frozen seasonal fruits (or)

  • Fresh fruits and ice cubes.

  • Non fat plain yogurt

  • Fruit juice (flavor to match fruit selection)

  • A bunch of bananas (makes smoothies thicker)

If you wish to use frozen fruits, cut the fruits into large pieces and freeze beforehand. If the fruit pieces are spread on a plate or baking sheet, the items will not freeze into a big lump. After the fruits are frozen, use a freezer bag or container and store till ready for use. You are all set to create a healthy smoothie drink.

  • Ready the tool that can aid smoothie preparation. The electric blender, hand blender, food processor, immersion blender or a smoothie maker can all do well.

  • Always pour the liquid first in order to avoid blender lock-up.

  • Add the fruits followed by chopped banana pieces, yogurt and fruit juice.

  • Blend briefly subsequent to adding each ingredient.

  • Blend well until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency.

  • Transfer to glasses, place wide straws

  • Serve immediately.

Smoothie Tips

  • If frozen fruits are used, empty all ingredients and wait for 20 minutes. The fruits will melt and the blender will not rattle as much.

  • Stock full fat yogurt and the fat free version.

  • While using harder fruits like apple, juice the fruit first and add the mixture to the smoothie mixture so as to avoid lumps.

  • Preferably, consume smoothies immediately after preparation. Freeze the remaining with sufficiently large storage space, as the mixture will expand.

  • Frozen smoothies should be removed from freezer at least one hour before consumption.

Fruit Smoothie recipe

Cut 2 ripe bananas into big chunks.
Take 10-14 frozen strawberries
Measure 1 cup of apple juice
A cup of yogurt
Transfer to the blender jug in stages
Blend well until smooth consistency is reached.
Transfer to tall glasses and enjoy your smoothie.
Toppings are optional.

Strawberry smoothie recipe

Measure 1 ½ cups frozen ripe strawberries
1 medium-sized banana, cut into large chunks.
1 cup apple juice
Fill the blender with apple juice.
Transfer the fruits
Blend and pour into tall glasses or pitcher.
Top with 1 tsp vanilla ice cream (optional).

Strawberry banana smoothie recipe

1 medium-sized banana coarsely chopped
1 cup cold rice milk, soy milk or skim milk
2 tbs strawberry syrup
3 tbs wheat germ (has fiber and protein)
1 cup ice cubes
Few drops of vanilla essence.
Fill the blender with liquid items
Transfer all ingredients and blend until smooth.
Pour into a tall glass
Strawberry banana smoothie is ready.

Banana Smoothie recipe

1 cup soy milk or skim milk
2 bananas
½ cup plain or fruit yogurt
2 tsp honey
2 scoops vanilla ice cream or yogurt
Transfer ingredients in blender
Blend until smooth
Serve immediately.

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