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Sonoma Diet

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Sonoma Diet
The Sonoma diet encapsulates the goodness of the Mediterranean diet. The emphasis is on wholesome nutrient-rich food sans too many deprivations.

Raw food diet, no carbs diet, high-protein diet, fad diets - we are swarmed with various diet plans every few months. Most of them deprive the follower of many a food and leave the person dissatisfied and deprived of overall nutritive balance. The Sonoma diet emphasizes the eating of nutrient-rich tasty food that will leave you satisfied, sans any cravings.

The Sonoma diet is derived from two extraordinary places in the world that abound with appetizing food. This diet plan takes its name from California┬┤s breathtaking Sonoma County. People in Sonoma County eat a nutritious diet and lead an energetic lifestyle. Sonoma food replicates the food eaten by the Mediterranean people - full of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meat, whole grains and of course wine.

Sonoma diet plan

Sonoma diet is planned in three phases, each phase lasts for ten days. The phases are called waves and they show the way to perfect weight loss. In this diet plan there is no restriction on what you eat. According to Connie Guttersen, the author of the book 'Sonoma Diet', "The secret to losing weight forever is not in avoiding foods you love but enjoying the right foods in the right amounts". Each wave of the diet educates you on how to fill the plate.

Wave 1 goes on for ten days and sets off quick weight loss. In this phase you are allowed to eat healthy food instead of unhealthy food and trained to stop craving for food that is not healthy. During this period, consumption of large amounts of sugars, refined flour products and other foods that are quickly absorbed is restricted. Sonoma diet teaches you to feast on healthy food that is delicious and rich in nutritional value. This phase of the diet plan is named as the restrictive phase.

Wave 2 paves the way to reach your target weight. This phase includes a platter of fresh foods and you are introduced to a variety of food that is delicious and forms the main pattern of your diet plan. What more, wine is introduced at this stage. This phase is the main part as it deals with weight loss.

Wave 3 commences the day you have attained your target weight. You have changed your outlook towards eating and incorporated into your lifestyle. Sonoma diet has helped you attain healthy body weight that you are proud of and your eating style has been modified. This phase can be called the life long maintenance phase.

Sonoma diet - Pleasure on the platter

Sonoma diet can also be referred to as the joy of eating. Each meal is a fete; you are not deprived of any of the foods that you deserve. The food you eat is wholesome and deliciously fresh and is easy to find. The Sonoma diet hinges on restricted portions rather than adopting boring diet food and banning certain food groups. The diet lists out ten types of food named the Sonoma diet power foods. Unleash the power of these power foods namely:

  • Almonds
  • Bell pepper
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Grapes(can be fermented and had as wine)
  • Blue berries
  • Whole grains
  • Tomatoes
  • Olive oil

A look at the power food list will attract any other diet plan dropout. These foods when eaten in the right combination enhance their benefits and flavor thus working wonders as heart protective agents and overall energy boosters. There is no special food or diet food in the Sonoma diet. Whole grains are choc-a-bloc with fiber and nutrients. They aid weight loss. Colorful fruits and vegetables are bursting with antioxidants and flavor, specifically, grapes, tomatoes, blueberries.

  • Almonds block cholesterol

  • Whole grains boost metabolism and is fiber rich

  • Spinach is calcium rich and has abundant Vitamin A

  • Strawberries have anti inflammatory properties

  • Bell pepper is an antioxidant and fights cancer

  • Blue berries act as memory booster

  • Tomatoes fight cancer and are heart friendly

  • Olive oil has BP lowering properties, choose extra virgin quality

  • Broccoli possesses antioxidant properties

  • Grapes (wine) are heart- friendly

Benefits of Sonoma diet

When you adopt Sonoma diet you also espouse a healthy standard of living that centers on:

  • Food Balance - you are not looking at poorly- balanced diet plans.

  • Sonoma diet is derived from Mediterranean food that contributed in protecting the Europeans from heart diseases and various other killer diseases for years together.

  • Emphasis lies on fresh fruits and vegetables as Sonoma has a rich treat of sun- drenched flavorful varieties to choose from.

  • Sonoma style diet involves slowly relishing your food and not merely rushing and gulping it down.

Sonoma diet recipe

Cheese n Blue steak sleek

Beef steak slices - 3 ounce (thinly sliced)
Fresh baby spinach (shredded) - 1 cup
Bottled red sweet pepper (roasted and drained) - ┬╝ cup (cut into thin strips)
Blue cheese (crumbled) - 1 tbsp
8" Tortilla (whole wheat flour) - 1 no

Arrange the beef, spinach, red pepper and cheese on the tortilla and roll it. Bake in an oven at moderate heat until done.

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