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Liver Cleansing Diet

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Liver Cleansing Diet
A liver cleansing diet can go a long way in boosting your metabolism and improving overall health. A sluggish liver can lead to weight gain, sluggish feeling, developing allergies, headaches, high blood pressure and other symptoms.

Liver-cleansing diet is a diet for a healthy liver, the second largest organ of the body. The diet is based on the philosophy that if the functioning of liver is improved through simple dietary habits, it is indeed possible to achieve immense health benefits. Is cleaning the liver that important? Would it make a radical difference to your overall wellbeing? Find out the views of Dr. Sandra Cabot, the creator of this diet.

Liver functioning

As the liver goes about performing more than 500 different functions in the body, it becomes a clearinghouse for substances that enter the body. Nutrients are collected, wastes are removed and the level of chemicals found in the bloodstream is also regulated. Liver is also a factory that produces bile, vital for digestion. The liver is unique when compared to other vital organs of the body. In case the liver is affected by some short-term injury or disease, it can regenerate or grow back the cells that have been destroyed. However, if this happens repeatedly, it may undergo irreversible changes. These changes can permanently interfere with its function.

Dr. Cabot points out that this can possibly result in weight gain, sluggish feeling, developing allergies, headaches, high blood pressure and other symptoms. Liver cleansing diet cleanses the liver, improves the body metabolism and makes you feel so much better. You can feel the difference with a strong immune system and healthy blood vessels.

A diet for all

Liver-cleansing diet is often misconstrued as a diet for people who wish to reduce weight or control weight. It is designed to benefit all, to improve overall health and immune function. It also helps sick people who tend to lose weight at an alarming rate. Improved liver function leads to better appetite, which motivates the person to eat well and thereby helps in gaining weight. Liver cleansing diet helps in correcting conditions such as acne rosacea, sclerosing cholangitis, hepatitis C and weight control. A healthy liver will reduce depression and moodiness, enable you to laugh more and enjoy a positive mental attitude. Liver-cleansing diet particularly helps-

  • People with excess weight
  • Those with liver disease, gall bladder disease
  • Those with high blood pressure, general digestive problems
  • Those with allergies, elevated cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Those with headaches or migraines, women on HRT
  • Those who are used to excessive alcohol consumption.

Vital steps to liver cleansing diet

  • Eat only when hungry. Don’t put up with hunger pains

  • Drink 8-12 glasses of filtered water every day

  • Limit sugar (refined) as much as possible, say no to artificial sweeteners

  • Don’t turn into a calorie centric individual

  • Note food that lead to allergy and keep away from such food

  • Eat fresh food, avoid frequent reheating of cooked foods

  • Eat food in a relaxed state of mind

  • Avoid processed foods and prefer natural products

  • Treat yourself to diverse protein varieties, including legumes

  • Try different types of breads, free of artificial chemicals

  • Include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables

  • Keep away from excessive saturated or damaged fats

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