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Scarsdale Diet Plan

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Scarsdale Diet Plan
The Scarsdale diet is yet another fad diet that is severely calorie restrictive. A two-week diet plan, the Scarsdale diet menu does not allow many items.

Created by Dr. Herman Tarnower, the Scarsdale Diet is a one - two week plan that consists of 43% protein, 22.5% fat, and 34.5% carbohydrates. Though the Scarsdale diet plan is known to yield quick results on weight loss, the weight loss is predominantly due to extremely reduced caloric consumption.

The Scarsdale diet plan is known to induce a weight loss of 10-20 pounds in a fortnight if followed rigidly. This is another fad diet that allows too few calories to sustain optimum health.

Scarsdale Diet Plan

The Scarsdale diet plan has a rigid diet outline that has to be followed for 7-14 days. This is usually followed by another week or two of follow-up diet plan that is a slightly less rigorous. The Keep Trim program that follows the Scarsdale diet plan is a maintenance program but it too has a large number of restricted food items.

In a Scarsdale diet menu, there is no control on the portions. The good part is that salads and lean meats form a large chunk of the diet. But the diet is so severely restricted in calories that it is difficult to follow for too long. Besides, the protein content is also alarmingly high.

The Scarsdale diet plan involves abstinence from alcoholic beverages. But you can include diet sodas, regular or decaffeinated coffee and black tea. The Scarsdale diet menu only allows lemon and vinegar and mustard dressings. Non-stick vegetable spray, ketchup, chili sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, mustard and catsup and herbs and seasoning are also allowed in a Scarsdale diet menu. All vegetables other than corn, peas, potatoes, lentils and any kind of beans are allowed.

A typical Scarsdale diet menu consists of fruits and vegetables and lean sources of proteins in large amounts. The use of artificial sweeteners in the place of sugar is preferred. Herbal appetite suppressants are also encouraged. A typical Scarsdale diet menu provides 850 - 1000 calories a day.

  • Candies and desserts are not allowed in this diet plan nor are any dairy fats.

  • All meat must be trimmed of skin and fat.

  • Spaghetti, macaroni and any other flour-based products are not allowed in this diet plan.

  • You cannot eat ice cream, ice milk, frozen custard, or any frozen products when you are on a Scarsdale diet plan.

  • You can eat beef, lamb, veal, lean ham and pork

  • Fresh or frozen seafood is allowed in a Scarsdale diet menu but not those canned in rich sauces.

  • Eggs are restricted to 3 a week.

  • Only low-fat cheese and skim milk is allowed when a person is on a Scarsdale diet plan.

  • You can snack only on carrots and celery.

  • Rich dressings such as mayonnaise must be avoided.

Scarsdale Diet Menu

A typical Scarsdale diet menu for breakfast consists of half a grapefruit, a slice of protein bread, and coffee or tea. Protein bread can be included during a lunch menu for a Scarsdale diet plan. Cold cuts can be eaten for lunch but you need to restrict yourself to certain meats. Dinner often involves animal protein or seafood.

Plenty of broiled and lean hamburger and salad of tomatoes, lettuce and celery is allowed in a Scarsdale diet menu. Roast turkey or chicken or broiled or barbecued chicken is allowed in a Scarsdale diet menu. Grapefruit or a fruit salad of seasonal fruits can be included in a Scarsdale diet menu. You can make a dinner of sliced roast lamb and plenty of spinach and green peppers.

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