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High Protein Diet

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High Protein Diet
Find out why high protein diets are sought after by body builders and those seeking to lose weight. Also check out the nutritional imbalance that high protein diets cause.

High protein diet is a much sought after diet by bodybuilders - to lose fat and build muscles. High protein diet is not necessarily no-carb diet. Body builders and people associated with weight training benefit from high protein diet as high protein levels help build muscles and other body tissues. For people who are on a diet program mainly to lose weight, studies point out that a high protein diet resolves hunger faster when compared to fats and carbohydrate rich diet. But do check out the pitfalls of going on a diet that is predominantly high in proteins.

Types of high protein diets

According to the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health, an adult needs about 50-60 grams of protein. So ideally, proteins can form about 12 - 15 % of daily caloric intake. Consuming more than this level of protein can increase LDL cholesterol levels and clog arteries. A high protein diet combined with calculated levels of carbohydrates and fat can help maintain a balanced diet. The different types of high protein diets are:

  • High protein, high fat and moderate carb, closely related to Atkins diet.

  • High protein, low fat and moderate carb, also called the zone type diet.

High protein diet
  • Consuming a diet high in protein can make the consumer feel full for a longer time when compared to other diet foods.

  • This feeling of fullness discourages snacking in between meals and thus helps initial weight loss.

  • Weight loss is pretty rapid when compared to other diet programs because of reduced levels of food consumption.

  • With a high protein diet regime, tissues of the body including the brain tend to suffer from shortage of glucose; tissues can function well only with adequate glucose levels.

  • Lack of sufficient glucose forces the tissues to make use of the already accumulated blood sugar in the liver and the muscles thus causing muscle breakdown.

  • Lack of sufficient glucose to the brain can lead to various other problems such as headaches etc.

  • Problems can occur in the cardio-vascular organs too.

High protein food

Proteins that are classified as lean proteins can be included in your diet in on a daily basis.

  • Cook oatmeal for your breakfast in milk instead of plain water.

  • Take yogurt in between your workouts in the fitness center.

  • Mozzarella cheese is a great substitute for regular cheese and has high protein content.

  • Add a cup of milk to your daily food chart.

  • Try out beans or nuts for snacks.

  • Eggs can also make a good snack time munch.

  • Lean meats are good too.

  • Low-fat dairy products can be beneficial.

  • High levels of protein can lead to loss of calcium from the bones causing osteoporosis.

Food item Quantity Protein in grams
Low fat cottage cheese ½ cup 14
Firm tofu 3 ounces 13
Lentils ½ cup 9
Peanut butter 2 tbsp 8
Meat, fish, poultry 1 ounce 7
Cooked kidney beans ½ cup 7
Nuts 1 ounce 7
Cheese 1 ounce 7
Egg (large) 1 no 6
Low-fat yogurt 4 ounces 6

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