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Ways to Boost Metabolism

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Ways to Boost Metabolism
Read up this informative guide that outlines factors that affect body metabolism. Find out ways to perk up your sluggish metabolism.

When a person reaches mid twenties, the body metabolism rate will come down by 5% and from then on for every decade she completes there is a similar level of drop in metabolism. With advancing age it is recommended to increase your muscle mass thus boosting metabolism in the body. Look at ways to boost metabolism.

Understanding metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which calories in the body are burnt and eventually points at how rapidly weight is gained and lost by the body. Metabolism rate in a person spells out the number of calories a person is burning. Factors such as age, gender, heredity, physique, level of activity, diet and nutrition and the general health of a person influence the metabolism rate and helps in verifying whether the metabolism rate in the body is high or low.

Ways to boost your metabolism

Following these simple steps will help boost metabolism in the body thus increasing the overall energy level.

Regular eating habit: Instead of eating three heavy meals a day, eat 5-6 small portions of meal per day. This will provide energy throughout the day and will also help burn calories instead of storing them up as it happens while consuming large portion of meals.

Forget skipping meals: Skipping meals will reduce the total caloric intake thus reducing the metabolism level in the body; in particular never skip your breakfast. When calorie intake is less than 1000 calories/day, the body automatically enters starvation mode and so tries to make up for the low calories thereby drastically bringing down the metabolism levels. This state will make the body burn the lean muscle and retain the fat in the body.

Follow a balanced diet routine: Eating a balanced diet is equally important as eating regularly. Ensure your diet constitutes enough proteins, carbohydrates and everything that a balanced meal requires thus taking good care of your body. Choose whole food instead of processed food as this will give your digestive system the appropriate workout.

Include lots of protein and fiber: Less protein in the diet will reduce the muscles in the body; it is recommended that at least one and a half gram of protein be consumed per pound of body weight. Sufficient protein and will help build muscle mass in the body. Sufficient fiber intake helps maintain insulin levels thereby improving metabolism and energy levels in the body. Consume ample green leafy vegetables, whole grains, wheat breads, fruits and a variety of beans.

Workout regularly: Stored fat can be replaced with muscle mass as you work out regularly. Muscle tissues will help boost metabolism in the body as muscles burn up 90% more calories than fat, thus extra muscles help burn extra calories. Effective muscle mass can be built by lifting weights, resistance exercises and regular walks.

Remain active: Being active will help improve the lean muscle mass thus boosting metabolism in the body. Simple activities such as walking, climbing stairs, cleaning the house and cycling will help improve activity levels.

Take a goodnight's nap: Beauty sleep helps in keeping you beautiful and active. Lack of sleep/reduced sleep can lead to glucose intolerance inducing a feeling of hunger and reducing body metabolism. Lack of sleep reduces body energy level as well leaves you feeling tired throughout the day thus disturbing your routine.

A spicy meal does it all: The old concept of consuming spicy meals helps boost metabolism in the body. Chilies are said to increase metabolism by 50% and this is retained up to three hours after consumption of the meal.

Sauna effect: Studies prove that heat also improves metabolism rates by over 20%. Check if your health permits you to sit in saunas.

Cool down: Chilling out and getting cold also improves metabolism rate by over 20%.

Water helps: Drink lots and lots of water, water helps wash out the toxins off the body and helps the kidney function well and allows the liver to metabolize fat stores.

Reasons affecting metabolic rate

Metabolic rate of the body is constituted of three parts, Basic metabolic rate (BMR), Energy used during physical activity and Thermic affect of food. There are various reasons for low metabolic rate such as

Age: As age advances, the metabolic rate of the body slows down due to loss in muscle tissue, hormonal and neurological changes in the body.

Gender: Men have better metabolism rates when compared to women because of their reduced body fat and better muscle structure.

Body surface area: Having a large body surface area means better metabolic rate. Adults who are tall and thin have better metabolic rate when compared to shorter and stout adults.

Body fat level: Lower body fat indicates enhanced and improved metabolism of the body, men in particular have low levels of fat in the body thereby better metabolic rate than women.

Genetic factor: Genetic factor of people determines the metabolic rate in their body.

Diet imbalance: Diet plays a major role in maintaining the metabolism of the body. Low iodine diet can lead to thyroid disorders thereby reducing the body metabolism.

Muscle tissue: The amount of lean muscle tissue in the body determines the metabolic level in the body. More lean muscles mean a better rate of metabolism in the body.

Hormone and nervous disorders: Hormonal and nervous disorders can lead to low metabolic rate in the body. Glands that malfunction due to hormonal disorders too can affect the body metabolic rate.

Drugs: Few types of drugs and substances such as nicotine and caffeine affect the metabolic rate.

Dieting/fasting: Low consumption of calories can reduce the body metabolic rate by at least 15%.

Steps to overcome low metabolic rate

Lower low metabolic rate will lead to low energy levels of the body and will keep you tired throughout the day. Follow these simple steps to overcome low metabolic rate of the body:

  • Start an exercise schedule and follow it regularly, aerobic exercises will help a lot.

  • Never skip your breakfast, skipping breakfast means reduced insulin level in the blood.

  • Eat a balanced diet that is highly nutritious; include lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, fish etc.

  • Keep alcohol, nicotine and sugar at minimal levels.

  • Drink plenty of water.

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