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Montignac Diet

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Montignac Diet
The Montignac diet aims at changing the way people choose the right food combination rather than limiting what they eat. It encourages eating foods with low Glycemic Index.

A weight loss diet very popular in Europe in the 1990’s, Montignac diet was formulated by Michel Montignac. Food is divided into four categories namely carbohydrates, lipids including fats and meat, carbohydrate-lipid including nuts and organ meats and fibers including whole grains and vegetables.

Carbohydrates with high Glycemic index are termed as bad carbohydrates and this diet recommends that these bad carbohydrates should not be consumed with lipids. This combination will encourage excess fat in food to be stored in the body as excess body fat.

On the whole this diet aims at serving as a nutritional concept focusing on people who wish to lose weight efficiently. This diet also helps in controlling diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. The method aims at changing the way people - choosing the right food combination to eat and not in limiting what they eat.

Regulations of Montignac diet

  • Good carbohydrates (low in GI) alone should be consumed; Sugar, refined grains, glucose, potatoes etc should be avoided.

  • Fats and carbohydrates should not be mixed in a singe meal, if fat is eaten in a meal you have to wait for four hours before eating carbohydrates and three hours for vice versa.

  • Alcohol should be kept at minimal levels, small glass of wine or beer is permitted.

  • Plenty of water should be consumed between meals.

  • Lots of fiber should be consumed.

  • Caffeine intake should be minimized.

  • Eat at regular intervals, three meals a day is a must, snacking between meals should be stopped and late evening eating should be stopped.

  • Fresh fruit other than strawberry, framboises should not be mixed with meals; fruits can be eaten separately in between meals.

  • Eat healthy fats and use olive oil for baking.

  • Be active.

Principle of Montignac diet

  • The main principle of Montignac diet of this diet is formulating two eating plans. The first looks at how to lose weight and the second focuses on how to maintain it. During the first phase the pancreas are detoxified thus encouraging glucose tolerance and preventing excessive insulin creation. This phase is followed for a minimum of two months. The second phase teaches and helps to maintain the body weight after weight loss from the first phase.

  • This diet recommends consuming food with low GI.

  • Does not recommend low calorie diet.

  • Shuns poor eating habits that cause metabolic imbalance.

  • Recommends using good fats and a lot of fiber in the diet.

  • French cuisine is the major inspiration for this diet plan and this diet permits consuming food items like chocolate, cheese etc in limited quantity that is usually not allowed in other diet plans.

Benefits of Montignac diet

  • Consuming food with low GI has numerous health benefits especially for people with diabetes and other diseases.

  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems and other weight related diseases.

  • Permits the dieter to eat food of his choice and does not cut off any food item completely.

  • Over a long period of time this diet is very beneficial and brings out the desired results.

  • Dieters do not get bored with this diet schedule as they have a variety to choose from.

  • Diet includes a lot of fiber which stimulates weight loss.

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