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3 Day Diet Plan

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3 Day Diet Plan
A 3 day diet strategy involves a calorie-restricted diet to bring about quick loss of weight. The effectiveness of these diets is much debated.

Weight loss programs are available aplenty these days. With many a woman seeking to shed off the excess pounds, it is little wonder that many diet fads are catching on in popularity, though some of them are nutritionally skewed and can cause more damage than good.

There is no shortcut to good nutrition and exercise to lose weight and maintain it. We encapsulate the features of the 3 day diet plan. It has been claimed to be effective for quick loss of pounds but one that cannot be followed for a longer period of time. The 3-day diet is also called military diet - though it is a misnomer as the diet has no affiliation to any military or government institution. This fad diet lasts 3 days of the week followed by 4 days of regular eating.

3 day diet to lose weight

A 3 day diet strategy involves following a calorie limited diet over 3 days. A person following the three day diet is supposed to return to a normal healthy diet without resorting to overeating soon after. The strategy of the 3 day diet focuses on mixing certain food in such a way as to create a reaction within the digestive system.

This is aimed at boosting your metabolism and thereby burning fat at a rate higher than normal. A three day diet strategy should not be continued for more than 3 days at a stretch. A follower of the three day diet plan is usually left with very low energy levels on account of the restricted diet.

It has been noticed that dieters following the 3 day diet strategy usually lose weight on account of the low caloric intake. In some cases, the lost weight is regained soon after.

Unless there is a sustained change in eating habits, long-term weight loss cannot be expected. Besides, crash diets lead to immediate weight loss on account of loss of water and glycogen. But the dieter ends up putting on the lost pounds soon after. This is because the body tends to store more weight into the fat cells to protect itself against any restricted diets.

Three day diet plan

A loss of about 10 pounds is expected if you follow the 3 day diet plan religiously. You can add herbs, salt, vinegar, Worcestershire, soy sauce, mustard and ketchup to the food. Breakfast for a 3 day diet plan begins with sugarless coffee, an egg, half a banana with a piece of toast. As part of the three day diet lunch, you can partake of cottage cheese or tuna and saltine crackers.

Dinner on a three day diet strategy is usually 2 beef franks, a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half banana and half a cup of vanilla ice cream. 3 days is the longest that the body can go on a very low calorie diet. Stretching it beyond this period may lead the body to go into starvation mode behavior.

This diet is extremely low calorie and is not a healthy one either. It is not balanced in nutritive value and some of the prescribed foods are high in salt and fat. Those suffering heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol would do well not to follow this diet plan.

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