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Early Pregnancy Symptom

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Early Pregnancy Symptom
Symptoms manifesting at the time of a pregnancy can vary from nausea to some subtle signs not easily discernible. This article aims to dispel the misconception surrounding the issue of pregnancy.

We carry an informative section on the early symptoms of pregnancy. Learn to identify the first sign and symptom of pregnancy. Read up on conception and pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, you could consider the various tips suggested towards a healthier lifestyle.

Early symptom of pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman. Some are able to experience pregnancy signs and symptoms within days of conception whereas it takes weeks for others to experience even the earliest sign of pregnancy. Listed below are some typical early pregnancy symptoms that manifest in most women.

Nausea and Vomiting: Many women experience illness in the morning as the early symptom of pregnancy. Though this particular symptom is referred to as 'morning sickness', some women tend to feel nauseous throughout the day. This early sign of pregnancy can be tackled to some extent by eating small frequent meals. This earliest symptom of pregnancy is at its peak around 8 to 10 weeks when the hormone levels are highest. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe form of morning sickness that affects some women and results in dehydration and even hospitalization.

Increased sensitivity: Another early symptom of pregnancy is tenderness in the breasts. Increasing amount of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is responsible for this symptom. A pregnant woman may find herself highly sensitive to certain aromas and smells. This symptom of pregnancy is also a result of the increasing estrogen in the system. Food aversions and cravings are common during pregnancy. This may manifest itself in the early period of pregnancy or last throughout the pregnancy.

Frequent urination:Since a growing uterus applies pressure on the bladder, there may be a need for frequent urination. This early sign of pregnancy is felt within a week or two of conception.

Fainting or Dizzy spells: Blood pressure may drop on account of the growing fetus compressing the major arteries. HCG levels move from 0 - 250, 000 in a short span of time. This is accompanied by increased amounts of progesterone in the body, which accounts for tiredness and sluggishness.

Mild bleeding: Spotting sometimes can occur when the fertilized egg burrows into the endometrial lining. This pregnancy symptom leads many a woman to believe that they have had their menstrual period. This is referred to as 'implantation bleeding' and is experienced by only few women.

Heartburn and Constipation: Bowel functions are slowed so as to gain maximum absorption time for vitamins and nutrients. This condition can sometimes last throughout the pregnancy. A swollen uterus along with increasing levels of HCG lead to slower digestion and heartburn is a resultant condition.

Missed period: This is the most obvious and early sign and symptom of pregnancy. This will also coincide with high basal body temperature. A home pregnancy test can be taken to confirm the pregnancy. There are rare cases of women even women having their period throughout their pregnancy.

Conception and pregnancy

Conception and pregnancy are issues that throw up a lot of doubts in the minds of wannabe mothers. Get a physical examination done by your health provider and discuss your medical history along with any chronic health problems and their possible ramifications on a pregnancy. Routine examination for sexually transmitted diseases can also be done. Nutrition and ideal weight are crucial if you are planning to conceive a baby. Obesity can bring about complications in a pregnancy.

Cutting out on junk food and empty calories and including more fruits, vegetables and protein foods can go a long way to starting off a pregnancy on a healthier note. Avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking during conception and pregnancy. Smoking, even second hand or passive smoking can result in placental problems, low birth weight and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Beware of environmental hazards that can cause fetal abnormalities such as exposure to X-rays, lead dust and chemicals. The first twelve weeks of the pregnancy starting from the conception are crucial.

Planning pregnancy

If you are planning a pregnancy, you should avoid any teratogen - any substance or condition that may cause a birth defect. Teratogens are responsible for about 10% of human malformations. But it pays to keep them in mind while planning a pregnancy. Alcohol, X-rays in high doses and Vitamin A in excess, such as in Accutane, which is used to attack acne, are suspected human teratogens. Drugs such as aminopterin and Cytoxan (cancer drugs), androgens and diethylstilbesterol (hormones), and coumarin (anticoagulant drug) must be avoided.

Thalidomide and tetracycline are also not considered safe for women who are planning to get pregnant. High levels of stress and hectic lifestyles are also not conducive to initiating a pregnancy. If planning a pregnancy is a priority, you need to arrange other priorities around this one. After all, you need to give your body and baby the care it needs!

Pregnancy announcement

So it's finally confirmed! The stork is on the way! Now is the time to make the happy pregnancy announcement to near and dear ones. There are plenty of online pregnancy announcement memorabilia available, ranging from cards and shirts to little gifts. What better way to surprise the going-to-be dad or eager grandparents! Pregnancy announcement cards are popularly used to inform friends that someone special is soon going to be part of your family!

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