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Natural Childbirth

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Natural Childbirth
Allowing nature to handle the course of childbirth all by itself and thereafter the powerful beauty of bonding with your bundle of joy right from the moment of birth is a wonderful feeling that only natural childbirth can provide.

Childbirth by itself is an exigent test that every woman faces in her life. From the days of primeval woman every woman has been undergoing similar troubles and problems through childbirth before the bundle of joy is delivered. Learn more about natural childbirth and check out its advantages.

Natural childbirth

Giving birth to a baby without any surgery or medications can be termed as natural childbirth. Minimal medical interference while supporting natural process, avoiding use of anesthetics and surgical procedures are vital to natural childbirth. Women feel empowered during the process of natural childbirth and their natural instinct and willpower allows them to perform better while delivering the baby.

Expectant mothers can choose to deliver the natural way with the help of a:

  • Doctor in the hospital they choose.

  • Midwife in a birthing center.

  • Midwife in a hospital.

  • Midwife at home.

  • Husband and yourself unassisted at home.

How to prepare for natural childbirth

Both expectant mothers and fathers have to be psychologically geared up to face natural childbirth. Following these steps helps mothers prepare themselves for a drug free delivery.

  • Choose the right caregiver/midwife to assist you throughout your delivery. Ensure you are comfortable with her.

  • Choose the place where you want to deliver, be it your home or birth center or hospital and express your opinion to your caregiver. Speak out and discuss the pros and cons of choosing either of the places.

  • Fix up with a childbirth instructor who concentrates on natural childbirth and who is also trained in the Lamaze or Bradley method of natural childbirth. Let them educate you on the various stages and what exactly you will undergo at each stage of labor.

  • Be strong and remain so all through you childbirth procedure and remember you have opted for natural birth thus be prepared to stomach the pain and discomfort that come along and all way through the childbirth.

  • Visualization and breathing exercises form the major part of any childbirth class, ensure both you and your partner go through these sections thoroughly. Methods such as controlled and progressive relaxation techniques are taught and this helps while you really develop contractions during child birth.

  • Ensure you have a person to extend the emotional support you require all through your labor, this person should be trained along with you as you will need this person all through your childbirth progression.

  • There are various positions and movements that mothers can familiarize themselves with as this may help them during the pushing stage of the childbirth.

  • During the stages of childbirth massages, hot or cold therapy either from the partner or other support person helps a lot in relieving those aching muscles. Hypnosis, acupuncture and hydrotherapy have also found to relieve pain to a great extent.

Advantages of natural childbirth

Every expectant mother eagerly awaits the arrival of her offspring. An energetic contributor with bare minimum external interference, a mother who is ready to accept the pain and discomfort during the period of delivery can choose to have natural delivery. Apart from the wonderful bonding that develops between the mother and the baby during the course of birth and after the delivery, there are many other advantages too.

  • The mother has the best of a fulfilling occurrence while delivering the baby. The mother has better command over her body and feels special while delivering sans any drugs.

  • Babies who are not drugged before their birth through their mothers are more active and responsive when compared to babies who are drugged.

  • Endorphins are said to be released during childbirth. These are found in the placenta and umbilical cord and are likely to help the child during growth.

  • Breast feeding, an important aspect of any delivery happens the natural way with the baby remaining active and looking for the breast and the mother feeding the baby immediately after the delivery. In case of drugged deliveries the feeding process takes some time till the mother and the baby recover and this might pose a problem for the baby to pick up the sucking habit naturally.

  • Natural childbirth techniques are non-invasive and thus the new born has almost no side effect or impairment.

  • Women when not hooked to monitors and IV's feel more relieved and stress free during delivery. This also gives the mother an opportunity to move around a bit and be by herself till she really begins the delivery progression.

  • Learning to relax and practicing breathing exercises help the expectant mothers to deliver with ease. They tend to carry forward the same practice while they feed the baby later during the post-partum days when they face discomfort due to this.

Widely practiced systems in natural childbirth

Natural childbirth includes the participation of the expectant mother, father and the caregiver. The usual and widely practiced systems in preparing for natural childbirth are

Lamaze technique: Developed in 1940 by French obstetrician Dr. Fernand Lamaze, this method teaches the expectant mothers breathing techniques and other methods to reduce pain during labor.

Bradley method: Popularly known as ‘husband-coached childbirth', this method teaches proper nutrition intake, relaxation techniques and pain management formulae. Also emphasizes on the presence of a loved one during the birth process, this method was developed by Dr. Robert A. Bradley.

Calm birth: Expectant mothers are completely on trained on what to expect and how to handle during the natural childbirth. Mothers are taught relaxation techniques that help them deliver with ease. This system was introduced by Edmond Jacobson in the year 1920.

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