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Insomnia during Pregnancy

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Insomnia during Pregnancy
Insomnia is a common complaint with pregnant women, be it early pregnancy insomnia or third trimester insomnia. Find out simple changes that can alleviate this pregnancy-related discomfort.

Women want to savor every moment of their pregnancy. But insomnia is one of the most common problems faced by pregnant women, throwing their life out of gear. Having a good night's sleep during pregnancy is of utmost importance for both mother and the baby. Yet we have to understand that insomnia during pregnancy does not pose any threat to the baby and generally disappears after pregnancy. However insomnia causes fatigue and irritability in the mother.

What causes insomnia during pregnancy?

  • Hormones play havoc in the mother's body during the first trimester of pregnancy. These hormonal imbalances cause disturbed and irregular sleep.

  • Though hormonal changes are the main culprit, there are host of other reasons that cause insomnia.Stress, anxiety regarding the additional responsibility that motherhood is going to impose, worry about the baby's health and growth, emotionally disturbs the mother leading to insomnia.

  • Everything seems to fall in place in the second trimester, the finest period of pregnancy. But come the third trimester and insomnia or disturbed sleep is likely to make reappearance. Insomnia in this period is due to frequent urination, feeling of discomfort as body changes in size and shape, and cramps in the legs.

Treating pregnancy insomnia

Insomnia medication is not recommended for pregnant woman for treating insomnia .as it can have repercussions. Simple lifestyle changes or other natural remedies are the best bet.

  • A warm shower just before going to bed is sure to leave the pregnant woman dozing.

  • Relaxation techniques like lighting some scented candles in the bed room, listening to some soothing music or a foot massage works wonders.

  • Eating very little or too much before bed time leads to poor sleep. Also caffeine intake should be reduced after late afternoons.

  • Exercise - walking a mile every day is not only beneficial for good night's sleep but for wholesome progress too.

  • Gentle yoga or relaxation exercise might help alleviate pregnancy insomnia.

  • Following uniform sleep and wake timings everyday helps in getting over insomnia.

  • Eating that can induce sleep may actually work. Potatoes, bananas, oatmeal, cheese, fish, eggs, honey and oatmeal, all of these food items come under this category

Insomnia should not hamper the excitement of pregnancy in woman. Incorporating some small changes should aid a smooth pregnancy.

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