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Pregnancy Food Cravings

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Pregnancy Food Cravings
During pregnancy, you can't always fight the food cravings and at some point you might be forced to give in. Be prepared and plan what you want to eat instead of over indulging.

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. It is essential to be informed about the changes that take place within your body, right from the time you experience the earliest symptom of pregnancy. You will find a world of information on home pregnancy tests, pregnancy diets, nutrition as well as a week-by-week pregnancy guide. This pregnancy calendar will give you an idea on how the pregnancy progresses each trimester.

It is essential to prepare yourself to welcome this new life into the world. There are emotional, physical and financial considerations to be taken into account. Take a look at what physical changes you can expect at different stages of pregnancy. Use our online pregnancy due date calculator to find out when you can expect your bundle of joy. Read up on nutrition and exercise so that you can regulate your lifestyle to accommodate the needs of pregnancy. Eating right and keeping fit - this could be the mantra towards a healthy pregnancy. Find out how you can sail through pregnancy in a healthy and safe manner.

Are you planning to have a baby? Find useful pregnancy planning tips. Few lifestyle changes can go a long way in helping you conceive soon, sans any problems. This pregnancy planning guide serves to give you pointers on areas that you need to focus on when planning a baby. Pregnancy planning tips can help you look at various aspects of your life, be it your body, its readiness to conceive and bear a healthy child, your emotional readiness and lifestyle changes that might need to be incorporated.

Pregnancy Planning Guide

Sexual Health: This is the right time to meet your healthcare provider and get some preliminary tests done. Check for sexually transmitted disease and HIV. This could be your first pregnancy in all likelihood. If you have been on the pill, many doctors suggest giving a couple of months before conceiving. If you have suffered a pregnancy loss earlier, discuss it with your doctor. You are likely to be more anxious. Learn more about products that you can use to keep a check on your ovulation cycle.

Physical Health: The first stage is a routine test work for anemia, blood sugar levels, blood type etc. Check for any chronic illness. Your family history must be discussed in case there is a need for any potential screenings. Find out if your immunizations are up-to-date. Discuss your current medications. Take prenatal vitamins. Do not underestimate the need for a thorough dental checkup before planning a pregnancy.

Lifestyle planning: If you are working with hazardous chemicals or x-rays, it is best to check with a doctor about the possibility of your work environment affecting your chances of a healthy pregnancy. High stress levels are detrimental to conceiving. You may need to reduce your workload or take up tai-chi or yoga. Smoking, drugs or excessive alcohol can cause damage to a growing fetus. Ensure that your diet is healthy and calcium-rich.

Look up our feature on the complications that may arise during pregnancy. Ectopic and tubal pregnancies as well as spotting during pregnancy have been discussed here. Pregnancy after miscarriage, as well as other high-risk pregnancies need to be handled with care. Find out what possible ramifications they could have on your health and future pregnancies.

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