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Tooth Whitening Tips

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Tooth Whitening Tips
Tooth whitening products provide the convenience of whitening teeth from the comfort of your homes. Check out the various teeth whitening systems available today, in particular laser tooth whitening.

Everybody wants to wear a smile, one that displays pearly white teeth. Most Americans spend a sizeable amount in the process of whitening their teeth. Yellow or brown teeth can be unsightly. But unfortunately not all of us are gifted with perfect white teeth.

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and aids in getting rid of stains and discoloration from teeth. At a reasonably low cost, you can enhance the appearance of your teeth by whitening them. Among all the cosmetic dental procedures, tooth whitening is the most popular. With the right tooth whitening product, you are ready to sport an attractive smile. Read up on Laser tooth whitening.

Need for tooth whitening

Over the years your teeth like every one else's will begin to slowly accumulate organic pigments that cause discoloration of the teeth. This pigmentation occurs as the teeth get coated with thin layers of stains that are picked from our day to day activities. Drinking coffee, tea and any food that has colored proteins will leave your teeth a shade duller.

Intake of antibiotics, tobacco and various other minerals can quicken the yellowing process of the teeth. In recent years, a number of teeth whitening products have been introduced into the market. These products can easily reverse the yellowing of teeth. Augment your self-esteem and confidence with a smile that will draw people towards you.

Laser tooth whitening

Laser tooth whitening procedure is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that does not soften enamel or fillings. This is done by a professional who begins with a cleaning procedure to remove any plaque. The dentist will also examine the teeth to check for any conditions that might hamper the working of the laser tooth whitening system. A peroxide-based tooth gel is used on the teeth and activated with a laser.

The laser tooth whitening procedure has shown considerable success in whitening teeth many shades lighter. A typical laser tooth whitening sitting lasts about an hour and rarely does a person need to take more sittings. Though laser tooth whitening is expensive, it is preferred by those with sensitive teeth as the pH level is mostly neutral.

Tooth whitening products

Handling hectic schedules does not give anybody the time to visit a dentist to whiten the teeth. Without the help of a dentist, you can whiten your teeth within the comfort of your home with a suitable home tooth-whitening product.

Paint on tooth whitening product: Few people might not require whitening for all their teeth. For such cases, paint-on teeth whiteners are the best option. Any number of teeth, one or many can be whitened using this type of tooth whitening product. It is very cost effective when compared to other whitening products. There is no harmful effect on the teeth when used as per instructions.

Tray based tooth whitening product: This is the most sought-after home tooth whitening product. A custom-made plastic tray fits over the user's teeth perfectly. Carbamide peroxide (the bleaching agent) is placed into this tray and the tray should be worn for a stipulated number of hours everyday. Tray-based tooth whitening products are very effective in whitening the teeth and are the most affordable too.

Ensure that the tooth whitening gel has at least 21% concentration for effective whitening of the teeth and to reduce sensitivity in the teeth after bleaching. Ensure the tray fits your teeth right and presses firmly around the teeth and gums.

Wearing a tray might cause discomfort to some users. The trays may intensify jaw joint problem or encourage choking sensation. Ensure that too much glycerin is not mixed with carbamide peroxide as this will dry up the moisture in the teeth enamel and lead to sensitive teeth.

White strips: White strips are fixed directly on the teeth and act as the delivery systems unlike the trays. They resemble small band aids coated with gel. Each strip can be placed for half an hour and then thrown away. Results can be seen in a couple of days and the strips have to be placed for two weeks if the hydrogen peroxide concentration is 6% and for 7 days if the concentration is 10%. These strips are very flexible and are made of thin pieces of plastic coated with hydrogen peroxide on one side.

Take care to place the strips in such a way that the whitener and the teeth are in close proximity. Whitening strips contain two different shapes of strips such that one set of strip can be placed in the upper row and the other in the lower row of teeth. But white strips don't cover the teeth all way around.

Whitening toothpaste: Whitening toothpastes are like any other normal toothpaste except for the fact that they contain more polishing agents that remove stains from the surface of the teeth. The teeth are polished gently through a non-bleaching action of the toothpaste. Tooth whitening toothpastes actually do not bleach the teeth but help maintain the teeth clean and are referred to as maintenance treatment for the teeth.

So after a teeth whitening procedure, whitening toothpaste can help maintain the whitened teeth. They are comparatively inexpensive and are an easy approach to maintaining white teeth. But such whitening toothpastes are not effective as bleaching agents to whiten the teeth because the contact time with the teeth is comparatively lesser.

Brush-on tooth whitening product: This type of tooth whitener is directly brushed on the teeth and it acts as a teeth whitener. The user has to brush this on the teeth and leave it for some time; the peroxide in the whiteners will leave the teeth spotless. The carbamide peroxide acting as the bleaching agent is broken down in the mouth, the oxygen acts on the stains through oxidation process and leaves the teeth whiter.

This type of teeth whitener has to be used for a few weeks continuously. The brush-on teeth whitening product is usually distasteful and can whiten the teeth only two shades whiter at the most. Keeping the solution on for long might cause some discomfort. It might leave bad breath as it contains alcohol. The glycerin in these whiteners takes away all the moisture from the enamel and may cause sensitive teeth.

Home tooth whitening

Staining agents such as cola, coffee, tea, wine and use of tobacco must be avoided to prevent teeth from becoming yellow. Old age and use of antibiotics can lead to discoloration too. Treat any oral problem such as bleeding gums immediately. Brush teeth before getting to bed and in between meals.

For people who always come up with excuses to go to the dentist, tooth whitening products are a great boon. Whitening of teeth can usually be done on all types of teeth, including those that have undergone root canal procedures.

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