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Nail Polish Pen Set

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Nail Polish Pen Set
Nail polish pens, a recent entrant in the line of beauty products are the most easy and convenient way of painting your nails. These pens are easy to carry and allow you to do up your nails in a jiffy.

Put behind the days of painstakingly applying nail polish and achieving a perfect smooth finish. The cosmetic industry has come up with an innovative product - nail polish pens. These pens are similar to marker pens and come with a metal tip on one side and a brush on the other. The brush can be used to paint a solid color or to give a base coat and with the help of the tip you can create personalized designs on the nails.

Nail polish pens are a sure way of creating magic on your nails. Though nail polish pens are a complete package which can be used to paint and make nail art designs, they are widely used to create patterns and for 'touch ups' like covering chips and cracks to increase the life of the existing nail polish.

Nail polish pen sets

Nail polish pens are compact, easy to use and can be conveniently slipped into your bag when you are on the move. These pens lend better grip while doing intricate designs compared to bottle and brush system. Nail pens are free from spills or leaks and do not run the risk of drying up.

Nail polish pens contain disposable cartridges of different colors. These cartridges carry enough polish to finish all your nails once. After use, these cartridges can be disposed off and pen can be reused with fresh cartridges.

Nail polish pens also apply just the right amount of nail color. A single click of the pen on the nail dispenses exact amount of polish. Just brush it onto the nails evenly and allow it to dry. It is quick to dry when compared with bottled nail polish.

These polish pens come in a set with both brush and a fine pen nib. The brush is used to paint a back ground color and fine nib enables desired art work. You will find the thin long brush once you unscrew the cap and there is nib that you will notice once the cap is removed.

Nail polish pens

Nail polish works well on clean and well shaped nails. So treat yourself with good manicure before setting out to paint your nails.

  • Apply the base coat and allow it to dry. If you desire to give a back ground for the design, coat the nails with solid color with the brush provided with the pen. Nail pens come in varied hues and the paint spreads evenly and smoothly on to your nails.

  • You will notice that the paint applied with the help of the pen dries up quickly. Now is the time to bring out the artist in you - create wonderful designs with the help of the nib. Before starting, press the nib gently to a solid surface to bring the paint towards the nib.

  • Now place the nib on the nail and drag it gently to draw patterns of your choice. Stars, dots, geometrical lines, creepers, flowers, heart shapes, zebra stripes are some of the popular designs for doing up your nails.

  • If you notice any mistakes while creating designs, they can be wiped off easily using moist cotton and the good news is that the nail paint underneath remains intact. This is probably the biggest advantage of using nail polish pens.

  • Finally finish with a top coat for long lasting results.

Nail polish corrector pens

Nail polish pens also come with an attachment known as nail polish corrector. It functions like a nail polish remover and reaches all the corners of your nails for a perfect finish. Nail polish corrector pen is used to correct the mistakes that occurred while applying the nail polish.

It comes with small angled tip and a refillable polish remover. Just glide the tip to erase unwanted nail polish to obtain a neat look. This pen is lot more convenient and quicker when compared to conventional nail polish remover. Few brands also provide extra tips for a single pen so that one can continue to use the same corrector pen by replacing with fresh tips.

Color changing nail polish

If you want add a fun quotient to your nails and do not mind experimenting, consider color changing nail polish. This amazing nail polish changes its shade and color depending upon the body temperature. Apparently body temperature fluctuates depending upon your stress levels and also the ambient temperature outside. Nail polish that shows a particular color indoors may turn out to be a totally different shade when you are outdoors as it reacts to the UV rays.

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