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Peel Off Lip Color

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Peel Off Lip Color
A fresh and fun product on the beauty shelf, gives you amazingly long- lasting beautifully stained lips. Just apply, wait for it to dry and peel off and you have a natural stain on your lips that lasts for hours.

Women enjoy dressing up their pout as it can glam up the look almost instantly. But alas, all the lip colors need frequent touch ups, to keep it going. How about a lip color that stays all day long and does not call for a reapplication every now and then. A lip color that does not smudge, bleed or fade away for hours!!

Here is the latest offering from the world of beauty, a peel off lip color that is grabbing eye balls for its convenience quotient. Invented in South Korea, this product is sweeping the world market and causing quite a stir amongst beauty enthusiasts. Peel off lip color is available in a tube that is similar to a lip gloss tube.

It contains a gel like sticky liquid and when applied, sets on the lips as a peel off mask. It is essentially a product you apply and peel off to result in a long-lasting stain. It is amazingly unique in that lasts for almost 12 hours and is available in various vivid colors like rose pink, cherry red, candy orange, watermelon and lovely peach.

How to apply

  • These colors usually come in a thick liquid form, neatly packed in tiny tubes.

  • All the tubes come with slanting applicator. However, one can also use lip brush for better grip

  • Peel off lip color works only on smooth and well hydrated lips. So make sure you apply moisturizer on your lips prior to using peel off lip color

  • Press the tube gently and once the color starts to pop out, apply it evenly on your lips.

  • Let the coating be moderately thick so as to form a film on the lips. This also helps to achieve vibrant hue.

  • Leave the color to dry; this should take about 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Now comes the magical moment you were waiting for! Gently peel off the mask, one lip at a time and find beautifully stained radiant lips beneath.

  • Wrap it up by applying a lip balm or lip gloss over the freshly tinted lips for the extra dazzle. Now you are good to go for the entire day.

Should you ditch traditional lipstick ?

  • The big plus point of peel off lip color is that it is non- transferable. You can eat, drink, laugh and also kiss and be carefree, you will not see the color passing on to the cups, plates or on to the cheeks.

  • The product is being hailed for its long lasting power. Just spare 15 minutes, apply and peel off and you have super cool tinted lips and 10 to 12 hours of freedom.

  • Peel off lip color lends a natural look to your pout. Your lips do not look as though they are dipped in a bright paint

  • Unlike conventional lipstick which leaves a sticky feeling, peel off lip color is light on your lips. You will appreciate this little beauty, particularly during hot and humid season.

  • It is important to prep your lips before you begin with the peel off lip tint. Dry areas of the lips might pick up a darker hue of the color.

  • Pulling off the peel off tint might damage the lips as the skin on the lips is thin and delicate. In some cases, harsh tugging might lead to some bleeding too.

Tips on using peel off lip color

  • Make sure you have good 15 to 20 minutes on your hand before starting to apply. If you are in a hurry, this product is not for you. Also keep one or two tissue towels handy before starting.

  • Exfoliate and moisturize the lips very well. Dry and cracked lips do not produce desired results. If the lips are not smooth, colors tend to settle down in those cracked lines. Chapped lips may also bleed while peeling off.

  • Always keep the upper and lower lip apart while applying, and also during the drying period. Else, the lips may stick.

  • Applying the peel off gel calls for a steady hand. Try to apply the liquid color uniformly, one lip at a time, and avoid multiple coats as it may leave patchy tint on your lips. Do not rub it back and forth and any excess beyond the lip line should be immediately wiped off with a tissue.

  • Take care that the color does not enter the inside of your mouth or slip onto your teeth. Else, it will leave an ugly shade inside.

  • Allow the peel off lip color to dry completely before pulling it off. Be prepared to deal with messy lips if you peel it before it dries.

  • Clean the surface of the applicator with a tissue before closing the lid. You will find the tube tidy next time when you open.

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