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Long Lasting Lipstick

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Long Lasting Lipstick
Long lasting lipstick and lip gloss can make for luscious lips. Peruse this guide to different types of lip color and choosing one that is right for you.

Lipstick ranks as one of the most favored makeup item on any woman's list. There are endless colors and lip color varieties and brands available on the shelves of cosmetic stores. Most women are confused about the kind of lip makeup to use - lipstick, liquid lip color, lip stain or lip gloss.

Some prefer the exotic shades that lipsticks come in while others opt for the sheer shimmer of lip gloss. Lips should be made up to complement the eyes. Rich lip makeup goes well with soft eye makeup and vice versa. We give you simple yet effective tips to get your lips looking luscious and attractive. Find out how you can prepare homemade lip gloss.

Choosing lipstick

Lipsticks are made of various oils, waxes, pigments and emollients. Beeswax is commonly used though other varieties are candelilla wax and carnauba wax. Lanolin, cocoa butter and mineral oil also form part of most lip colors. Manufacturers have begun offering brands with sunscreens, collagen, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to protect the lips and keep them moist and soft. Pigments lend color to the lipsticks.

Transfer resistant lipstick tends to leave color for as long as eight hours whereas long wearing lipstick stays put for about four to six hours. But such lip colors tend to make the lips dry and usually come enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Matte lipsticks are non-shiny and may also leave the lips very dry.

Frosted lipstick shades lend an iridescent and shimmering look. Matte lip colors are longer lasting though they leave a drying effect. Glossy colors make lips appear fuller and work well with thin lips. Many women prefer matte and nude shades for workdays and leave the glossy and shimmering shades for the evening out.

Lip Colors

Choosing the right lip color is essential to get your makeup right. Opt for shades of wine and plum if you have a darker skin tone. Fairer skin is complemented with light brownish and pink undertones. Dark lip colors work well with night makeup whereas natural and nude shades are ideal for daytime use.

Some women prefer just a light lip gloss to keep the lips well hydrated and shining. Get experimental and combine lip colors to arrive at a shade that is just right for you. Blend the shades with a lip brush. You can look at fashion magazines to find some exciting shades of lipstick - pale coral, deep burgundy, passionate purple or ruby red.

Very strong lip colors stand out harshly against fair skin. Peachy colors or color with pink undertones or berry shades would enhance such skin tones. Asian and Hispanic women with medium skin tone can experiment with rich deep reds or light browns. Women with darker skin can choose lip stains in dark toffee, deep plums and red undertones.

Long lasting lipstick

Applying your lip color the right way can go a long way in enhancing your lips as well as keeping the color on for a longer time. The lip liner is an essential part of your make up kit. Keep the lip liner pencil sharp - it will help you define the shape of your lips.

You can make them appear larger or smaller. Lip liners help to keep your lip color in place without going outside the natural lines of your lips. Long lasting and transfer resistant lipsticks contain a polymer that makes the lip color resistant to food, oils and water. It meshes over the lip skin and does not blot or rub off.

You can eat, drink and kiss with long lasting lipstick on, sans the bother of smudging your lip color. Use the right lip color or lip stain to create the magical effect you wish. Metallic lip colors give a dramatic look whereas clear reds are considered the sexiest. Sheer colors let the natural color of the lips show through. Long lasting lipsticks come with glossy topcoat that seal in the color. These long wearing lip colors tend to dry out the lips though.

Lipstick tips

  • Never try out lipstick on your lips. If you need to test out the color, apply it on your fingertips; never on your lips.

  • Store lipstick in the refrigerator as it will last longer.

  • Older women must opt for creamier lipsticks. Matte lip colors work best on younger smoother and plumper lips.

  • Protect your lips with lip balm to keep them well hydrated and smooth. A lip exfoliant can help too.

  • To make your lips appear plumper, you can apply lip liner just outside your natural lip line. The lip liner should not stand out but blend with the lipstick color.

  • You can blend a bright lipstick with clear gloss or Vaseline for a more sober effect.

  • Using a lip brush helps in giving more precision when applying lip color. You can apply a thinner layer that stays longer and appears neat.

  • A little gloss in the center of the mouth can make for a sexy pout and fuller lips.

  • Lip gloss in silver or gold can add the special touch to your makeup for a special evening.

Long lasting lip color

There are however, a number of long-lasting lipsticks on the market that include a glossy topcoat. These lipsticks are more like a permanent lip color, which you literally paint on your lips and wait to dry. Once the color is dry, apply the clear top coat, which gives the lips moisture and shine. When using this type of lipstick, it is essential that the lips be well hydrated, since these formulas tend to be a bit drying.

Liquid lip color

Liquid lip color adds an intense shine on your lips, much more than lipstick. Liquid lip color glides on smoothly and is available in long wearing formula to last all day long. Lip color leaves the lips with a glossy shine and rich color. These lip colors come with a convenient wad that aids easy application.

Lipstick stain

Lip stains come with a brush that makes them easy to apply. Lip stains come in liquid form and are long wearing. They come in colors that easily blend with the natural skin tones. Sometimes, lip stains are used as blush too, applied to the cheekbones and blended with a sponge.

Lip gloss

Instead of going in for rich colored lipsticks, younger women can opt for lip gloss. This leaves the wholesome flesh of the lips in its natural state, with just a hint of shine. Lip gloss can be found in refreshing shades ranging from deep bronze to pale pink or even coral or walnut brown. Making your own lip gloss is not a very complicated process. Get your own batch of homemade lip gloss and keep the lips plump and shiny.

Homemade lip gloss

You can get some wonderful homemade lip gloss with honey, vegetable shortening, hot water and unsweetened drink mix. Mix the drink mix with hot water and stir it till you get a strong flavor. The color and flavor of the gloss will depend on it. Mix vegetable shortening and honey in another bowl.

Add a drop of the drink mixture solution to the other base. Stir well and repeat till you get a color and flavor combination that suits you best. Store it in a clean pot in the refrigerator. You will need to consume it soon though.

How to make lip gloss

If you are looking for a recipe for making your own lip gloss, look no further! Assemble a teaspoon each of honey and Aloe Vera Gel. You need 3 drops each of 2 essential oils - lemon and tangerine. 3 teaspoons of sweet almond oil and beeswax are required too for this homemade lip gloss recipe. You also need 800 IU of Vitamin E.

Melt the beeswax and sweet almond oil over a double boiler. Remove from heat after the wax has melted and add honey and Vitamin E and Aloe Vera and keep stirring. Finally add the essential oils and stir well. Your personalized lip gloss is ready! You can experiment when you make your own lip gloss. Choose other essential oils such as grapefruit or mint, if you so desire. You can add color if you fancy it. Adding a bit of crushed leftover lipstick can do the trick for you.

Lipstick cases

A lipstick case allows you to carry your favorite lipstick in your handbag without creating a mess. Elegant lipstick cases can be found in leather. Most of them have a mirror that can be very handy when you want to touch up your lipstick. Monogrammed or personalized lipstick cases are ideal gift ideas. You can pick up decorative cases for lipsticks - satin lined boxes or crafted with gold engraving.

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