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Eyebrow Shaping Style

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Eyebrow Shaping Style
Do not underestimate the significance of well-shaped and groomed eyebrows. Read up simple eyebrow shaping tips for brows that frame your face well.

Not many women pay as much attention to their eyebrows as is necessary. While all of us concentrate on grooming our lips and doing up our eyes, we sometimes tend to overlook overgrown or shaggy eyebrows. Eyebrows protect our eyes from dust and dirt and also frame the face to give it proportion. While we are not making a case for over plucked and artificial eyebrows, well-groomed and proportioned eyebrows can do wonders for you. Read on to find out tips on eyebrow shaping. Learn more about eyebrow shaping style.

Eyebrow threading

What is critical in eyebrow shaping is to use the natural shape of the eyebrow to best advantage. The arch, length and thickness of the eyebrow must be suited to your face shape. Eyebrow shaping is best done with tweezing or threading. Eyebrow threading is a method of shaping your eyebrows with a length of thread and has been popular in China, India and the Middle East. Since it is very precise, it allows the beautician to exercise control over the eyebrow shape. Eyebrow waxing is not very suitable since you cannot control wax to remove individual hair. Never ever shave the eyebrows. If you are unsure of how to go about tweezing and giving your eyebrow a shape, go in for professional help.

Eyebrow shaping style

  • Tweeze your eyebrows, one hair at a time.
  • Ensure that the beginning of the brow is aligned to the center of the nostril
  • The eyebrow should follow the length of the eye. It must be about the same thickness along the entire length diminishing only slightly at the outer tip.
  • Brush the eyebrows with an old toothbrush before you begin tweezing the eyebrow into a shape.
  • Trim the long eyebrows with small scissors
  • Always pluck from underneath the eyebrow and not from the top. This will cause the natural arch to flatten out.
  • Hold a warm flannel over your brow to make it easier to pull the hairs.

Perfect eyebrow shaping tip

Shaping your eyebrows in a shape that is wrong for your bone structure can wreak havoc on your looks. A well-shaped pair of eyebrows can liven up your face and do wonders for your appearance. A heart shaped face can be emphasized with slightly rounded eyebrows sans sharp angles. Add slenderness to a round face with an arched eyebrow but with a short tail. A long face looks good with rounder fuller eyebrows. If you have sparse brows, you can apply a little color to the top of each eyebrow and brush it in place.

Valuable tip for eyebrow shaping and tinting is to check out for any allergy before applying the color. With a hint of color on your eyebrows, you can enhance fine eyebrows and improve the general appearance of your eyes. Use eyebrow pencil or powder that closely matches the color of your eyebrows.

An important eyebrow shaping tip is to replace your tweezers every year or so. Select tweezers that are slant-edged and have a rough textured point. Dip in antiseptic before and after you tweeze. Try and tweeze and shape your eyebrows after you have washed your face. Ideally you can shape your eyebrows after a warm bath. The pores will be open and it will hurt less. Apply an ice cube after shaping your eyebrows to reduce swelling and redness. Never tweeze your eyebrows on a special date or occasion. You sure don't want to be seen with unsightly redness, do you!

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