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Cosmetic Surgeries

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Cosmetic Surgeries
Understand various cosmetic surgeries, from breast augmentation and rhinoplasty to eyelid surgery and chin liposuction. This section takes you through different types of plastic surgery, the procedures involved and typical cost outlay.

With the increased emphasis on physical beauty today, people all over and women in particular resort to going under the surgeon's scalpel for various cosmetic surgery procedures. The pioneering cleft palate operation in 1827 was the first plastic surgery that was performed. Cosmetic surgeries can be restorative ones, especially to help victims of accidents, burns and injuries. This type of reconstructive cosmetic surgery even helps reconstruct physical abnormalities suffered during war.

Aesthetic surgery or plastic surgery has caught on in a big way. Now it's not just celebrities and models that have the occasional nip and tuck and lift. Cosmetic surgery is not the prerogative of just the rich and the famous. Non-surgical procedures using lasers and injections like Botox are commonly performed by women during lunch hours. The lure of eternal beauty is too hard to resist! Who wouldn't like to have sexier lips or a well-defined profile?

Permanent lipstick and eyeliner are also a definite reality these days. Whether it is a tummy tuck or liposuction or breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery needs to be performed by a qualified and registered plastic surgeon. Cosmetic dentistry is gaining in popularity with many people seeking to enhance their smiles and rectify aesthetic problems with their teeth. A cosmetic dentist needs to apply various dental procedures to realign teeth, whiten them or even correct misalignments.

Types of plastic surgery

Re-contour your face aesthetically and retain your youthful appearance with cheek implants. Chin and cheek implants help strike balance between various features of the face. If you have suffered eyebrow hair loss due to health or other reasons, you can consider eyebrow transplantation procedure. Liposuction as a cosmetic procedure finds many takers - those seeking to get rid of double chins, flabby abdomens and unsightly thighs.

It is essential to understand the different types of plastic surgery, the procedure and the possible complications that may arise. Abdominal liposuction is one of the most oft-followed surgical processes to contour the tummy. Chin surgery is done to augment a weak chin or soften a chin that juts out too much. Reconstructive facial surgery opens doors for those suffering congenital or accident related facial deformities.

You can get a nose job or rhinoplasty surgery done to enhance the shape of your nose or to correct any functional defect. After all, your nose is a vital element in determining your overall facial looks. Ear plastic surgery or otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure used to correct abnormally shaped or sized ears. There are some minor types of plastic surgery such as wart removal, mole removal and skin tag removal.

Be aware of the possible risks associated with cosmetic surgeries. Infection, scarring or permanent injury to the nerves are some of the minor complications that can occur. Cosmetic surgical complications can be quite serious too. It may lead to nerve damage or even worse, blood clots that can be fatal.

With rapidly mushrooming clinics, it is easy to fall prey to unskilled and inexperienced surgeons. While males account for a mere 12 %, it is women who come in for liposuction and nose reshaping. Breast augmentation and implants are another popular cosmetic surgeries that women seek. Read through our informative section on different cosmetic surgeries to enhance physical beauty.

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