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Umbilicoplasty Surgery

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Umbilicoplasty Surgery
Walk in for umbilicoplasty surgery and walk out in one hour with desired belly button size and shape. Cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by regular medical insurance.

Toned waist, flat belly and sexy belly button make for a perfect midriff. A combination of 50% exercise and 50% diet can help almost anyone get a toned waist and a flat belly. The sexy shaped belly button? Low-rise jeans, low-cut pants, skimpy halter tops or low-cut bathing suits - all call for an attractive navel.

Umbilicoplasty surgery or belly button surgery is done to sculpt belly and get the desired belly button size and shape. Not just women, even men in recent times, resort to umbilicoplasty procedure to get an aesthetically pleasing belly button. Read further. Get to know all about umbilicoplasty, umbilicoplasty surgery and what it costs for an umbilicoplasty surgery. Think of a cute 'innie' belly button, tattooing it and accentuating with pretty looking navel rings.

The naval or bellybutton

The naval or bellybutton is a reminder of the days spent inside mother's womb. It is here the umbilical cord was attached during fetal development. Its job - supplying oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby and sweeping away wastes from the baby back to the mother. After delivery of the baby, the umbilical chord is cut off and a tiny stump is left. When the stump dries, it eventually falls off. Underneath will be the healed belly button.

The naval shape is determined in the days shortly after birth. It can protrude, point inward or can be of any other pattern. Subsequently, during various stages of life, other factors such as excessive weight changes, hernia and pregnancy may alter shape. Belly buttons vary in size, shape, hooding and protrusion.

Women particular about having an attractive sexual appeal are naturally keen about complementing good physique with an attractive belly button shape. There are many instances when the belly button turns out to be focal point of attraction. Even otherwise, there are instances when midriff may not be explicitly visible but during a casual body stretch or while doing other actions like raising arms etc, the midriff and may be revealed. Yes, the importance of beautiful belly button cannot be sidelined.


Incorrect belly button position or rectifying belly button shape, umbilicoplasty promises desired results. Umbilicoplasty can rectify and alter any size and shape to a preferred size and shape. That includes correcting a protruding bellybutton, or turning 'outie' into an 'innie'.

Umbilicoplasty is a mini cosmetic naval surgery. Only trained, experienced, qualified surgeons can perform the surgery. Umbilicoplasty is preferred for a variety of reasons.

  • Repair badly shaped navel naturally formed at the time of birth.

  • Turn an 'outie' into an attractive fashionable 'innie'

  • To create a vertical direction belly button, rather than a horizontal one.

  • To make a flat or elongated naval rounder.

  • To create a T shaped belly button

  • To correct an umbilical hernia

  • To reshape and create a completely new navel

  • To enhance a tummy tuck or abdominal liposuction

  • Repair changed belly button post surgery, pregnancy, injury, aging or weight loss.

  • To set right a recessed belly button that is wrinkly or shifted to one side.

Umbilicoplasty surgery

Umbilicoplasty surgery is normally completed successfully in an hour. The duration may extend if it involves repairing or removing an umbilical hernia. The surgery may take place in an outpatient surgical clinic or a hospital setting. Qualified surgeons choose different techniques to reshape the belly button. The deciding factor is the shape and size preferred.

An open-discussion between the doctor and the patient with emphasis on the present navel shape and size and the expected outcome is important. Surgeons usually show patients pictures/photographs of pre and post surgery navel button shapes. This helps in better understanding umbilicoplasty surgery procedure.

At this stage, the patient can choose the naval shape depending on which the surgeon will determine the type of umbilicoplasty surgery to be performed. Potential risks will be explained, pre and post surgery instructions would be provided. People with a history of uncontrollable bleeding, psychological illness and those having an immune system disorder are discouraged as the health or mental conditions are not favorable.

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. The area around the belly button is numbed. If the patient feels highly nervous and shows signs of pain, a sedative through an intravenous drip is likely to be administered. The surgeon will either remove skin around the navel to change the belly button's position or make necessary incisions in or around the belly button in order to alter its shape. Either way there will be no scar or is minimal and totally unnoticeable.

Rarely do people experience any bruising or discomfort post surgery. An hour after surgery, patients can return home. A day's rest is advised and the patient can resume routine activities the next day. If a small protrusion exists, the umbilical hernia can also be corrected by removing the hernia lump during umbilicoplasty. Where required, tummy tuck, liposuction or liposelection is combined and performed along with belly button revision.

The effects or results of belly button surgery are permanent but subject to changes that may be effected by pregnancy or weight-gain or injury. The only risk involved in umbilicoplasty surgery is that the patient can end up with a navel that is incorrectly placed in an undesired manner. To rectify, further correctional surgery will be required.

Umbilicoplasty surgery cost

Costs for the umbilicoplasty surgery can range from $500 to $2000 and depends on problem and complexity of surgery. Cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by regular medical insurance.

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