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Eyebrow Transplantation

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Eyebrow Transplantation
If you have suffered eyebrow hair loss due to health or other reasons, you can consider eyebrow transplantation procedure.

Accentuate your looks; redefine your pair of eyes with eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrows define the face, thus the beauty of a person as it is located at the center of the face; eyebrows also define the eyes of a person. Partial or complete loss of eyebrows may alter the overall appearance of a person. Although eyebrow shapes and styles keep changing through the years, thin or scanty eyebrows do not have aesthetic appeal.

Eyebrow transplantation is a boon for those who have complete or partial eyebrow loss. They can repair or restore their eyebrow through a surgical procedure termed micro surgical hair transplant procedure. This surgical procedure can be completed within a single session in almost all cases. Eyebrow restoration is a permanent process and does not require ongoing treatments like many other cosmetic procedures. Eyebrow transplantation is affordable as the restoration is permanent. Eyebrow transplant can be done for both men and women.

People who want to achieve full or thick eyebrow or slight thick eyebrows or hide the scars in the eyebrow region can opt for eyebrow transplantation. Eyebrow transplantation is relatively safe and a minimal invasive micro surgical procedure. The results from eyebrow transplantation appear natural as the person's own hair is used for the procedure. The shape and curve achieved through eyebrow transplantation can be made more attractive when compared to the original eyebrow shape of the person.

Fresh hair growth can be seen after 4 or 6 months after the transplantation. In almost all cases hair transplant is permanent and requires no further re-working. In very few cases a small maintenance session will be needed after a few years. Trimming and shaping of the eyebrow until the grafts begin to form their own curves may be needed in a few cases.

Reasons for eyebrow transplantation

  • Congenital/hereditary problems in eyebrow growth

  • Physical trauma like accident, thermal/chemical/electrical burns, lacerations, etc..

  • Obsessive plucking of eyebrows by self

  • Plucking the eyebrow so as to reshape it and thereby experiencing permanent loss of eyebrows

  • Aging results in thinning of hair

  • Illness/disease that results in loss of eyebrow

  • Medical/surgical treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc. that result in eyebrow loss

  • Laser hair removal from eyebrows

  • Heredity

  • Thyroid or other hormone abnormalities

  • Cosmetic purpose

Eyebrow transplantation procedure

Hair from the scalp or leg is extracted one by one and used as donor hair. Generally fine hair and not coarse hair is used as donor hair as fine hair is more suitable for eyebrow than coarse hair. The donor hair is then transplanted through micro surgical procedure. 1 or 2 hairs are transplanted at a time so as to give the eyebrow a natural look. Each graft is placed into the already made incision. The eyebrow shape looks natural when single hairs/micro grafts are transplanted one at a time.

Eyebrow transplantation requires experienced hands so as to give the eyebrow a natural look. The eyebrow hair is very thin and has intricate directional changes. It has an acute angle between the skin and hair shaft and has a small diameter and slow growth. Eyebrow transplantation is a very delicate procedure as hairs have to be transplanted flawlessly into the right place.

Minute half-millimeter incisions are made at the right angle and at the right direction. Small incisions ensure minimal damage to the existing hair. A minimum of 50 hairs and maximum of 325 hairs are placed in each eyebrow during the procedure based on the existing eyebrow of the person and as per the needs of the person.

The procedure is performed under mild oral sedative and is not painful. No major complications arise from this procedure. Few people might have pain, swelling or minor itching sensation. Scratching is strictly prohibited as it may displace the grafts. Mild pinkness can be seen in the area for about 3 to 5 days after the surgery. Sutures in the donor area of the body are removed after a week. The transplanted hair falls off during the second week and grows again after 3 months.

Eyebrow transplantation after care

Antibiotic eye ointment is used for 10 days; this helps to hold the hair in an angle flat to the skin and also prevents infection. Mild puffiness remains for 3 - 4 days.

Cost of eyebrow transplantation

Cost for the procedure varies from doctor to doctor and from case to case depending on the procedure required. In general the cost is projected to be between USD 2,500 to USD 5, 000.

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