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Manicure Tips

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Manicure Tips
Keep your hands smooth, attractive and healthy with regular manicures. Find out more about French manicures and hand care tips.

What was once considered a luxury for the rich is now part of the daily routine for the modern woman. The word manicure finds its origin in the Latin word 'manus' which means hand and 'cura' which means care. Regular manicures can do wonders for your hands - keep them well groomed, clean and attractive. You can give yourself a simple home manicure . Find out what manicure products you need to pamper your nails. What are French manicures ? Look up our simple hand care tips that can keep your talons healthy and shining.

Manicure Process

Any manicure would begin with removal of old polish and color. The nails must be cut, trimmed and filed into a shape that complements the hands and fingers. A double-sided emery board is ideal for filing nails. The sides of the nails must not be filed as it might make them weak and prone to breaking. Many manicurists try and shape the nail tip to complement the curve of the cuticle. Keeping the nails flat with smooth and rounded edges makes for a neat and attractive finish.

An important routine in the manicure process is to soak the nails in a bowl of warm water to which is added some scented oil or nail cleanser. When the hands are thoroughly soaked, the nails are soft and ready to be cleaned and polished.

Nails can be cleaned with an orange stick with a cotton tip. Soak the cotton in a solution of water and bleach and use it to rub the nails clean of stains and dirt. Tough cuticles can be softened by applying cuticle cream or hand massage cream. The softened cuticles are pushed back Hand lotion is applied to the hands and massaged. Blood circulation is boosted and the muscles are relaxed too.

A base coat is applied on the nails. This works as a perfect layer for the polish to be applied. Once the base coat of nail polish is dry, its time for your favorite nail color. It must be applied with just 3 strokes and allowed to set before a second coat is applied. You should not overwork the brush strokes. While bright red nail polish gives a flashy party look, a deeper red is more sleek and subtle. Pearly colors are muted and work best for most skin tones. A topcoat or sealer is applied over a nail polish during a professional manicure. This clear nail polish minimizes cracking and chipping of the nails.

French Manicure

French manicures have a distinct classic and understated style. The difference lies in the coloring. A French manicure is characterized by a pearly shade on the nails with the tips highlighted by frosted white. Apply shell pink or light coral or sheer beige to the complete nail. Apply pearly white polish to the tip of each nail. It is not easy to paint just the tips - it must be carefully done so as to follow the natural curve of the nail. The tip lengths of all nails must be uniform. You can make some variation to the French manicure by going in for silver tips or even gold tips.

Manicure Kit

You can pick up a manicure set or kit off the shelves of most stores or even order one online. What are the essentials in every manicure kit? Nail polish remover is needed to rid your nails of the old chipped color. Cotton pads are part of any manicure set. Ensure that you have good quality manicure products, be it a nail file or emery board. A soft wooden stick known as orange stick is another essential item in any manicure kit to push back the cuticles.

Cuticle oil or hand cream can be chosen to suit your skin type. If you are seeking a French manicure, you can pick up a French manicure set - base coat, main sheer shade as well as the pearly white for the tips of the nails. A manicure set would have manicure scissors, fingernail clippers and buffers and cuticle pushers. Good quality manicure kits are a worthwhile investment - you can take your own manicure set to a salon, in case you are squeamish about using theirs.

Home Manicure

When you shape your nails during a home manicure keep in mind the shape of your fingers and hands. If you have petite hands and fingers, shape your nails oval, as they would look best. Give your nails a squared off end during your home manicure if you have heavy set hands and wide nail beds on the fingers. Buffing is an alternative to polishing your nails during a home manicure session.

Swipe the rough side of the buff against each nail to smoothen away the ridges and discoloration. Use the other side to smoothen and shine the nails. Buffing can leave you with smooth and healthy looking nails. Ensure that you sanitize all your home manicure products and equipment before you dry and store them away.

Hand Care

Regular hand care can go a long way in maintaining smooth and soft hands and fingers. The best time to give yourself a manicure is after you have taken a shower or a warm bath. Your nails would be clean then and the skin would be well soaked. Biotin is known to make nails stronger in animals. It may be beneficial to human nails too to strengthen them.

Nail polish tends to last longer when kept in the refrigerator. Use nail polish remover to thin it in case it is too thick. Do not use nail polish remover too often on your nails as it leads to dry nails that will crack and split. Ensure that nails are well hydrated. Apply oil or moisturizer or hand cream or Vaseline to your hands every night at bedtime. Soaking your nails in warm olive oil for about 10 minutes once a week can help strengthen them.

Manicure Tips

An important manicure tip is to ensure that the manicurist uses clean and disinfected manicure kits after each use. You can carry along your own manicure kit. It is desirable to keep nails not longer than quarter inch past the fingertips since it makes them prone to chipping and breaking. A manicure tip to 'wrap' the end of the nail polish is to sweep a bit of the polish across the edge and under the nail tip.

Spa Manicure

A spa manicure is a reviving treatment that leaves your hands feeling smooth and beautiful. Your hands will be exfoliated with sea salt and dipped in hot lavender paraffin. A spa manicure would include moisturizing and hydrating with essential oils such as orange and lime and grapefruit. It would leave your hands refreshed and soothed. In the relaxed and luxurious atmosphere of the spa, you can sit back and let the manicurist take over - from buffing the nails to exfoliating the skin and a refreshing massage for your hands. Typically a spa manicure would cost about $60.

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