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Colored Contact Lens

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Colored Contact Lens
Colored contact lens are used for cosmetic purposes - to give you a totally new look. Read up about different types of contact lens and their relative merits.

Colored contact lens is a fashion accessory these days, what with women opting for lens in tints and colors different from their own. You can change your eye color from a boring blue to a dreamy hazel or even a fiery brown.

Contact lens are used for cosmetic reasons as well as medical needs. When buying contact lens, you can choose from soft or hard lens. Bifocal lens and toric contact lens are used to rectify some eye conditions. Special effects contact lens are used for Halloween or theater and movies. Sport vampire eyes or change your eyes into balls of fire.

Cosmetic Contact Lens

Contact lens are curved plastic disks that cover the cornea of the eye. Cosmetic contact lens are used in place of eyeglasses. People from the ages of 10 to 70 years can take to wearing cosmetic contact lens. Cosmetic contact lens can be selected based on your age and lifestyle.

The first rigid lenses were the PMMA (Plymethyl Methacylate) lenses that were extremely durable but did not allow oxygen to reach the cornea. Such lenses are not used by many these days. Hard lens are usually Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lens. Such lenses retain their shape over the cornea better than the soft ones but need more time to get used to. Some people prefer them for the sharper vision they provide. RGP lens are more durable and resistant to protein buildup. RGP lens are rigid and are made with silicone polymers that allow oxygen to circulate to the cornea of the eye.

Soft lens are made of highly flexible plastic that absorbs up to 90% of its weight in water. Such lenses are also known as hydrophilic or hydrogel lens. But they are more fragile and need intensive cleaning.

In 1987, disposable contact lens were introduced and this created a revolution in terms of health and hygiene and convenience. While traditional contact lens required to be replaced once in six months or a year, disposable contact lens are discarded every couple of weeks. The mass production of high quality lens brought down the cost of contact lens and it became possible to dispose them oftener.

Such disposable lenses work well for those suffering from eye allergies that leave considerable deposits on their lenses. Those suffering from sensitivity to lens cleaning solutions may find it easier to use disposable contact lens. Disposable contact lens may work out costlier than regular lenses but you will also save on the cleaning solutions. But these lens are very thin and may not help in correcting astigmatism.

Colored Contact Lens

Visibility tints colored contact lens have a mere hint of color. This is mainly to aid easier insertion and removal. Enhancement tints are comparatively darker and enhance the eye color of the wearer. A person can make his eye color appear more intense by using colored contact lens with enhancement tints.

Colored contact lens can drastically change your eye color. You can experiment with a vivid blue or an intense brown or an exotic green. Special contact lens is made for sports users so as to help them distinguish the ball better amidst the kaleidoscope of colors that are seen.

Toric Contact Lens

Toric contact lens are designed differently when compared to regular contact lens. There are two curvatures at different angles within the Toric contact lens to tackle astigmatism and eye power. The prescription for Toric contact lens contain both powers - for correcting cylinder and axis. Toric contact lens do not rotate on your eyes as they are better fitting.

If you are looking to buy Toric contact lenses, you can take the prescription from your eye care practitioner. You can choose from disposable or frequent replacement contact lens. Colored Toric contact lens are also available. Toric contact lenses are designed for those with astigmatism and can be found in soft or rigid gas permeable form (RGP).

Bifocal contact lens are ideal for people with presbyopia. Both powers (to correct distance vision and near vision) are found on the same lens. These lens can be selected from either soft or RGP types. Such lens might be designed on a concentric design where the center portion of the lens has distance power whereas the periphery has near power or vice versa.

Special Effects Contact Lens

Special effects contact lens are used for theaters and movies as well as novelty roles. It is not unusual for film and cinema personalities to sport contact lens with special effects such as similar to a cat's eye or animal prints such a metallic teals and zebra stripes.

You can choose from electric blue eyes with white ice crystals or wildfire yellow flames. Go alien with spaceship contact lens. Other than special effects contact lens, you can opt for crazy contact lens ideas such as black and white spiral or the American flag or the logo of your favorite football team. Contact lens must never be shared with anyone as some types of eye infections can lead to blindness.

In the U.S., it is illegal to sell contact lens without a valid prescription. Even cosmetic or colored contact lens require fitting even if you don't need vision correction. Coloring in these contact lenses has been shown to reduce the ability of oxygen to reach the cornea. It is not advised to swim or sleep with the special effects contact lens.

Buy Contact Lens

For those looking to buy contact lens, look for convenience and professional services. Most people opt for soft contact lens since they fit more comfortably initially. If you suffer from astigmatism, you can buy RGP or soft toric lens whereas you can opt to buy regular soft lens if you have minimal or no astigmatism. Soft toric lens are generally more expensive.

Before buying contact lens, ensure that your contact lens prescription is current and has not expired. You can buy extended use contact lens in case you do not want to face the hassle of daily cleaning and fitting. Such extended use contact lens are made of silicone hydrogel which allows nearly six times more oxygen to the cornea when compared to standard lens.

Contact Lens Case

These days you can find a contact lens case that is easy to keep in your pocket or handbag. It is easily accessible in case your eyes begin to irritate or you feel the need to remove the contact lens during the day. Most contact lens come in a case that has a mirror attached to make for easier wearing. There are holders marked for each eye lens. Some of the cases for contact lens come with compartments to hold the fluid bottles. It is advisable to use hypoallergenic cosmetics when you are wearing contact lens. Do not apply cosmetics to the eye in case it is infected or swollen.

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