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Menorrhagia or excessive menstrual bleeding is a problem faced by many women. Learn more about the various causes and treatment options.

Many women suffer from a condition of menorrhagia - excessive loss of blood during menstruation. It is estimated that nearly 2 million women experience heavy bleeding each year. It is essential to consult a physician to rule out uterine fibroids or cancer. Read more on menorrhagia and its possible causes. Find out about menorrhagia treatment procedures.


Menstrual cycles are not same for all women. Some experience regular cycles while irregularity is the order for others. Some women experience painful menstrual periods. Most women would have noticed heavier menstrual bleeding at some point in time. But if you notice extremely heavy menstrual discharge, consult your physician to investigate the cause. Severe menorrhagia can interfere with your lifestyle and cause tiredness and fatigue. If left untreated, menorrhagia can lead to anemia.

  • Nearly 30% of pre-menopausal women experience menorrhagia. This type of menorrhagia is a response to erratic hormonal activity.
  • In some cases, women have a family history of bleeding disorders.
  • Often a hormonal imbalance is cited as a cause for heavy bleeding during menstruation. The endometrium may develop in excess due to hormonal imbalance and lead to heavy menstrual bleeding. Uterine polyps can lead to cases of menorrhagia. Polyps occur due to excessive hormone production or consumption.
  • Uterine fibroids or tumors can trigger off heavier than normal menstrual bleeding or prolonged menstrual bleeding.
  • Some medical conditions such as Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID), thyroid problems and liver or kidney disease can increase the chances of excessive bleeding.
  • Women who use IUD for birth control are likely to face excessive menstrual bleeding.
  • In rare cases, menorrhagia is caused due to deficiency of vitamin K.
  • Cancers of the female reproductive organs such as cervix cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer cause excessive bleeding.

The diagnostic procedures used to understand the underlying causes of menorrhagia are:

  • Endometrial sampling
  • Vaginal ultrasound aids in clinical diagnosis.
  • Hysteroscopy involves a visual examination of the cervical canal and uterus
  • Dilation and Curettage reducing bleeding for just a few cycles before excessive menstrual bleeding returns.
  • Blood tests
  • Pap tests are used to detect changes in cervical cells and conditions of inflammation and infection.

Menorrhagia treatment

Treatment for menorrhagia is decided on the extent of the condition as well as the underlying cause. Often birth control pills are prescribed to treat menorrhagia. Conditions such as tumors and thyroid malfunction need to be treated, either with medication or sometimes surgery. Underactive thyroid causes weight gain, dry skin and lethargy as well as heavy periods.

Women with menorrhagia are advised iron supplements to avoid iron deficiency. Vitamin C and flavonoids protect the woman from blood loss. Often hysterectomy or removal of the uterus is resorted to in cases of prolonged heavy menstrual bleeding.

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