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Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

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Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women
The most common concern amongst traveling pregnant women is financial backup for emergency maternity care. Check out factors that decide the travel insurance for pregnant women.

Many a pregnant woman would love to take a break before the birth of the baby. She would love to relax and treat themselves to a holiday. Quite a few women may be traveling for business reasons too. The most common concern amongst traveling pregnant women is financial backup for emergency maternity care. Travel insurance is the best option for pregnant women who are on the move. Travel insurance gives you the financial backup in case you should deliver while in a foreign country.

Travel insurance for pregnant women covers the risks involved while traveling. Travel during pregnancy involves much more risk when compared to normal travel. Most of the insurance companies offer insurance cover until the 28th week of pregnancy. After the 28th week, there are very few insurance companies that provide insurance coverage for travel.

Many women travel while they are in the 34th week of their pregnancy but not many insurance companies offer travel insurance for such women. In general the premium payable for travel insurance for pregnant women is higher when compared to other insurance policies.

Insurance coverage for travel while women are pregnant is categorized as high risk cover by travel insurance companies. They categorize pregnant women as high risk as they might develop a complication that might need medical intervention, repatriation or cancellation of the travel plan itself. In general travel insurance policies for pregnant women insist that the woman should return at least 8 weeks before her due date, else she will not be offered insurance cover for her travel. Some of the typical risks that develop while traveling for pregnant women:

Air travel carries the risk of developing blood clots in the leg veins. Ensure that you walk around and move about. Take your scheduled vaccinations. Avoid traveling to high-risk destinations. When traveling, stay clear of high-risk activities like roller coaster rides, scuba diving and horse riding. Keep yourself well hydrated at all times.

Travel insurance facts

When you settle for travel insurance for pregnant women, check out the following:

  • Many companies offering travel insurance do not cover pregnancy under general medical condition. Hence check with your travel insurance provider on what needs to be done. Most of the companies provide travel insurance for pregnancy as a top up to the existing travel insurance policy.

  • Immaterial of the transportation mode, it is safer to have travel insurance.

  • Check with your airline their rules before you travel. Check with the airline as to their rules regarding pregnant women travel. Few airlines might insist on a letter of fitness from your health physician. Many an airline refuses to fly pregnant women with problems such a venous blood clots in the legs or earlier instances of premature birth.

  • Check if the travel insurance provides cover for your new born, in case you deliver abroad.

Limitations of travel insurance for pregnant women

  • Many insurance companies do not provide cover for multiple pregnancies.

  • Insurance companies do not provide cover if the conception is not natural and has happened with the help of medical assistance. E.g. IVF, fertility drugs, etc.

  • No insurance cover if the pregnancy has any known complications.

  • No insurance cover if the woman has already had a problematic conception, pregnancy or delivery.

  • Insurance cover for travel is not provided if the woman has already completed 8 months of pregnancy.

Travel insurance policies do not cover full-term birth.

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