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Ski Insurance

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Ski Insurance
Those who are planning a skiing holiday inside or outside the country must seriously consider ski insurance cover as this sport could be as dangerous as it is exhilarating.

Skiing is one of the favorite winter sport activities that occupy a top slot in any outdoor travel agenda. This is more so with the present day use of carver skis which are much easier to learn and handle. But ensure that you are well equipped with appropriate ski insurance

Basics of ski insurance

A travel insurance policy normally includes coverage for both personal injury as well as ski equipment. Such a ski insurance cover protects the policy holder from various injuries and accidents that can occur during a skiing trip. These include skull injuries, arm fractures and gashes, knee smashes, rescue operations and ski lift accidents.

The policy also provides cover against an occurrence of avalanche or landslide and piste closure due to insufficient snow. There are on-piste/off-piste skiing policies that allow a choice between a well prepared hard track of snow and an off beaten track.

Nowadays, there are ski insurance policies that include use of repatriation service with urgent medical assistance and transportation to a hospital or a medical facility if the policy holder so desires.

Since skiing equipment are not cheap and can be misplaced, stolen or lost during travel, it is essential to insure the equipment in the travel insurance policy as well. Normally, ski insurance policy covers other personal belongings such as digital camera, jewelry and cash. On extra payment, laptops and mobile phones can also be included in the policy coverage.

Types of ski insurance

Skiing can be as dangerous as it is popular. It is imperative that a travel insurance policy covers skiing under the winter sports category. Most of the winter sports insurance covers provide an excellent all round cover for skiing. They include covers for own as well as hired ski equipment, cover for lift pass and ski school costs and piste closure.

Alternatively, an insurance policy aimed particularly for a skiing winter vacation could become very expensive. This is simply because of two main reasons:

  • High risk injury
  • Expensive nature of ski equipment in general

Medical insurance cover for skiing varies from standard to super cover policy options available.

Ski insurance policy tips

  • It would be a good idea to buy the ski insurance policy from the travel agent who books the tickets for the intended holiday. Alternatively, if time permits, look around for cost effective ski insurance deals.

  • Online ski insurance packages can be accessed over the Internet. The application process is simple and fast online.

  • There are solo and independent travel insurance brokers who specialize in such ski travel insurances. These brokers also have access to better premium deals and can provide cover for a host of more liabilities.

  • Bargains and negotiations for lower premiums can be had among the several ski insurance providers who could be short listed.

  • It should be better to opt for ski coverage for beginners as the chance for injury is minimal with skiing instructors being usually well trained. Whereas, the risk is much higher with extreme skiers who run the risk with ski steep and rough terrain and their policy would be expensive.

  • There are insurance firms that offer heavily discounted ski insurance for those below the age of eighteen years. Discounts for regular skiers are also available aplenty.

  • For keen skiers, a twelve month ski insurance policy should work out less expensive and it saves the hassle of separate policies for each trips.

Those who are planning a skiing holiday inside or outside the country must seriously consider ski insurance cover as this sport could be as dangerous as it is exhilarating.

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