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AAA Auto Insurance

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AAA Auto Insurance
AAA auto insurance is very popular with motorists on account of its long history of reputed service and additional services. Get the lowdown on different facets of AAA car insurance.

Peace of mind when you are driving your vehicle around, host of additional services...This is a reality when you own AAA auto insurance. The name rings a bell in the mind of every American. Among the various auto insurances available in the market AAA is the most popular and widely accepted. Almost one out of every four households in America holds an AAA auto insurance.

The American Automobile Association was founded on March 4, 1902 enrolling numerous local and regional motor auto clubs. AAA insurance has allied itself with various international associates. Associate members can avail the same assistance as an AAA member while traveling in the US and vice-versa. AAA is tied up with The Canadian Automobile Association in Canada and The Automobile Association in the UK.

AAA auto insurance

If you are driving in the US then ensure that you have adequate automobile insurance. If not the entire set, you need to hold coverage for liability at the least. For over 70 years now, AAA has been serving the Americans the best in the auto insurance arena. AAA has a long history of reliable service and it is little wonder that many Americans opt for AAA auto insurance. Many well-known and well-respected companies such as the MetLife auto and home, ACSIC, Travelers, Progressive and CNA are symbolized by AAA.

If a vehicle meets with a sudden accident, auto insurance policies offer 2 shields - one is for people injured by the accident and for the vehicle. The people affected and the properties affected are the two main aspects that any auto insurance should cover. They are compulsory in all states. Apart from accidents, the automobile can also be insured against natural catastrophes etc. AAA auto insurance offers the following:

  • Protection for others and their property

  • Protection for your vehicle

  • Protection for you and your passengers

Protect others and their property: In case your automobile collides into another persons' and if you have caused any physical damage to the occupants of the other car then limited coverage for the injuries is provided. In case you collide into a vehicle that is covered then your legal defense is also covered. Property coverage includes fence, house, telephone poles etc that has been damaged by you. If the affected party sues, then your legal defense is also covered.

Protect your vehicle: Coverage for collision covers your vehicle if it has collided against a tree, car or truck. This coverage helps you to pay for the expenses that you incur for vehicle repairs. This aspect of auto insurance policy is not compulsory. If your vehicle is damaged due to fire, flood, hail, larceny or collision with a bird or animal or is held in a hit and run, this coverage comes to your rescue. This policy is again optional.

Protect you and your passengers: Medical coverage for you and the persons injured can be covered under this scheme. Limits differ from state to state. Personal injury protection (PIP) settlements cover you, your family members and at times the passengers of your car for medical expenditure. Vital services, treatment and additional costs coupled with an auto-related injury are also paid. Restrictions and margins differ from state to state.

In case an uninsured driver has collided against you, then you are covered to a limit you have opted for, for the corporal injuries you have sustained. Few states may cover property damage too. This coverage is a must in most states. If the driver who has collided against you is underinsured, then you are automatically entitled for the cost that you have opted for. Few states cover property damage too under this umbrella.

Facets of AAA car insurance

Liability coverage: Insures you alongside the physical damage you cause to other people and their property. The coverage is in two parts namely the bodily injury coverage and the property damage coverage.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: This covers alongside the damage caused by people who are either not insured or are underinsured.

Medical payments coverage: Covers the medical expenses sustained during an auto accident.

Coverage for damage to your automobile: This encompasses collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision covers the collision cost while comprehensive covers physical damages other than collision.

AAA insurance

Personal automobile policy (PAP) covers individuals in the given below manner.

  • The person who has subscribed the insurance is called the named insured. This person receives the maximum from the coverage.

  • Spouses in general receive the same coverage as that of the named insured even though he/she is not the named insured.

  • Family members are entitled to receive the same amount of coverage if they are using the vehicle that has been covered.

  • Other people will receive coverage if they were using the covered auto (liability coverage) or if they were seated in the covered auto (uninsured motorists and medical payment coverage) or if they are lawfully accountable for the accident (liability coverage) or if they have experienced any physical injury because of the named insured (uninsured motorist's coverage).

  • If the vehicle that has met with an accident is not covered the people traveling with you will be covered if the vehicle is not theirs and if they are liable for the actions of the other person who is insured (liability coverage) or if they have undergone any physical damage because of the insured person or his wife or relative (uninsured motorists coverage).

Exclusions and Limitations

  • Vehicles and property that have been damaged intentionally.

  • Personal injury that is caused intentionally.

  • Damage caused to an automobile in the normal course of wear and tear.

  • Your coverage amount will be clearly specified in dollar amounts for what you are eligible.

  • Uninsured motorist, medical payments and collision limits are laid down individually.

Additional services offered by AAA

  • Your automobile battery can be tested at the AAA battery service center. Along with testing, it can be boosted or even replaced as per the requirements, and all this can be done at a location of your choice. Their pricing is very competitive and they offer nationwide warranty too.

  • Approved auto repair (ARR) forms an feature of the AAA car insurance. Vehicle inspection program (VIP) is another value-added service that includes certified mechanics to examine your vehicle thoroughly.

  • AAA insurance offer travel-related documents that include maps, trip books and the hotel directories and discounted fares are the most sought after.

  • Emergency road services include towing your car up to 100 miles, tire changing, minor mechanical repairs, jump starting, removing your car stuck in a ditch, recovering key from a locked car, and providing gasoline for your dried-up automobile tank.

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