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American Automobile Association

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American Automobile Association
This article throws light on the early years and subsequent growth of the AAA. This Automobile Association of America has several regional chapters, prominent among them being the Automobile Association of California State.

Canadian Automobile Association

The Canadian Automobile Association is the voice of Canada's motoring and traveling public. With its beginnings in 1913, the Canadian Automobile Association ushered in the modern motoring world for Canada. With an ever-growing base of members, this automobile association of Canada is responsive to the changing needs and requirements of the modern motorist. With an affiliation to the American Automobile Association, the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) offers quality products and services to its members. Today the Canadian Automobile Association is a federation of automobile clubs in Canada.

Lower automobile insurance rates for motorists in Ontario will be approved by mid July, thereby heaping rewards on drivers. There have been increasing attacks on the Government regarding the delay in premium cuts. The Liberals had promised to deliver cuts in auto insurance rates within a time span of 3 months on taking office. Complex rate filings by auto insurance companies are seen as the cause for this delay. The Canadian Automobile Association has remarked on the increasing costs due to the delay. With an annual premium ranging around $7 billion, the proposed 10% reduction is estimated to put about $700 million back to the driver's pockets.

California State Automobile Association

In the early part of the twentieth century, automobile club enthusiasts of San Francisco formed an automobile club to help motor owners with respect to greater comfort and convenience and safety. This automobile club went on to become the California State Automobile Association (CSAA). This association with its affiliation to the AAA serves nearly 4 million members in Northern California, Nevada and Utah.

The automobile association of California communicates with community leaders, state legislators and members of Congress to initiate legislation to improve the transportation and automobile sector. The Clean Air Act and the back transportation policy were actively supported by the California State Automobile Association to aid decongestion and encourage public transportation and alternatives to private cars. Recycling of used automotive batters and reduction in auto emission were also on the agenda of the Association of Automobiles in California so as to protect the environment

Automobile club of southern California

The Automobile Club of southern California (ACSC) along with the CSAA has been taking active interest and initiative in northern and central California since the past many decades. These clubs provided the motoring community in California with advice and leadership. The automobile club of southern California has proposed to discontinue the practice of democratic election of leaders in the auto club. This is on account of several instances of 'contested elections' that has been occurring since a few years.

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