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Automobile Extended Warranty

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Automobile Extended Warranty
Judge the pros of automobile extended warranty. Find out how to avoid paying for repairs that might crop up over the life of the vehicle.

When shopping for an automobile, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with some of the jargon so that you do not end up paying for extras that may not really benefit you. Extended warranties involve extension of the original manufacturer warranty. With increasing costs of vehicle repairs, it becomes imperative to consider automobile extended warranty much like medical coverage. Extended warranty for your vehicle is akin to extending the service plans so that you avoid paying for repairs that might crop up.

Automobile Extended Warranty

Extended warranty on your automobile means buying an extension on your existing original manufacturer's warranty. Automobile warranty for a new vehicle is issued by the original vehicle manufacturer and cover specific components for a set number of months and a set number of miles. The Basic Warranty covers most components except items that are subject to wear out in the normal course of driving, such as brake pads, filters, belts, hoses, and wiper blades. A Drive Train Warranty usually starts where the Basic Warranty ends and only covers the engine, transmission, axles and drive shaft.

You can choose to purchase an automobile extended warranty either at the time of purchase or some time later. Most extended warranties begin from the date that the vehicle was originally purchased and is sometimes referred to as the manufacturer's warranty start date. An extended warranty for your automobile gives you peace of mind since it takes care of most eventualities for your vehicle.

Extended warranties sometimes include benefits such as free 24/7 roadside assistance for emergencies like lockouts, fuel and fluid delivery, battery jump, flat tire repair, and towing. Many also come with car rental reimbursement and travel interruption protection in case of a breakdown.

Tips on Selecting Automobile Extended Warranty

  • First check the original warranty for the automobile. If your vehicle has a factory warranty for about 2 years, it might be worthwhile considering extended warranty, especially if you intend to keep the vehicle for long.

  • Find out the Warranty Company offering the original warranty. Peruse the features of the warranty for any weakness.

  • Examine the reliability history of the auto model you are buying. Though this may not be an accurate pointer to what your repair bills might be, it can give a clue as to possible repairs. Some models with higher-than-average repair histories might necessitate an extended warranty. Do not forget to consider the cost of parts. Many domestic models have repair costs that are half that of imported models, making an extended warranty appealing to owners of foreign cars.

  • Extended warranty for your vehicle is usually cheaper when purchased while the manufacturer’s warranty is still in force.

  • A good extended warranty scheme for your automobile should be transferable and one that is BBB certified.

  • Ensure that the consumer can choose the dealership or independent repair shop. Some extended auto warranties stipulate that repairs must be performed at the dealership from which the warranty was purchased.

  • Beware against extended warranties that have specific caps on repair costs and many exclusions. Purchase your extended warranty from a company with a strong track record.

  • Compare all your options before making an extended warranty decision.

  • Some extended warranties require you to pay for the repairs and then wait for reimbursement. This can mean long waits to get your money back.

Used Car Extended Warranty

The used automobile market is very large and is growing considerably. In some cases, extended warranty for an automobile ceases when the person sells the vehicle. Some extended warranties can be transferred to the new owner. Get a CARFAX vehicle history report before purchasing a used car.

An automobile with extended warranty is worth more in the used car market. With high labor rates and highly sophisticated cars, extended warranty for used automobiles becomes a necessity. Most problems usually surface after the car is a few years old and this is when the extended warranty comes in handy. Ensure that the extended warranty is purchased before the manufacturer’s original warranty runs out. In this way you don’t end up with lapsed coverage. Many used-car warranty plans include comprehension coverage for costly vehicle repairs as well as wear and tear coverage.

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