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Dental Insurance Plan

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Dental Insurance Plan
Apart from the traditional health insurances, today there are many dental insurance plans that help you save money on your dental care.

Though expensive, dental care becomes unavoidable for a healthy smile as well healthy living. It becomes evident for everyone to carve out an effective dental plan to retain the million dollar smile. Apart from the traditional health insurances, today we have an array of dental insurance plans that help you save money on your dental care. Take a quick look at some of the dental insurance schemes that help you plan an effective dental care. Learn to select affordable dental insurance.

Dental insurance plan

Traditional Dental Insurance: This is similar to any other health insurance plan whereby you pay a weekly or monthly premium and get 80-100% of your dental costs covered. There are many agencies that offer traditional dental insurance plans, but as a precautionary measure it is better to check with your employer. If you go through an insurance agent chances are that the costs may be comparatively higher than your employer. Besides, some procedures and prior problems may not be covered. So as a thumb rule, check with your employer before you consult an insurance agent.

Dental Reimbursement Plans: As the scheme suggests, this not a dental insurance plan rather a benefit offered by the employer to encourage its employees. In this plan you pay for your dental care and get the amount reimbursed from your employer by producing the receipts. However there is a specific limit for reimbursement, it usually varies from organization to organization (generally it varies from $500 - $1000 per year). This is the most preferred dental plan since neither party has to worry about paying monthly premium or having limited choices in a dentist. Check with your employer whether your workplace has such dental reimbursement plans.

Voluntary Group Plans: This is similar to dental reimbursement plan, the difference being that the employees form communities and ask the employer to set up a voluntary dental insurance plan. In other words, you and your colleagues who are all part of the community, pay for the dental insurance which is set-up through your employer. This helps you avail cheaper group rates and possible better benefits with increase in your group strength.

Dental Discount Plans: As the name indicates, dental discount plans are not dental insurance but instead are specific discounts and specific services offered by dentists. This is one of the cheapest and most preferred options for dental care; however it has its own restrictions. For instance, imagine you are visiting a dentist who generally charges you $100 for a visit and cleaning. With a dental discount plan, if the dentist has a discount of 20%, then you can just pay him $80 for a visit and cleaning, instead of paying $100. However, in order to avail dental discount plans you might have to pay an enrollment fee and a monthly fee to the dentist / dental service provider. The advantage is that these enrollment and monthly fees are usually lower than your insurance premiums.

Full family dental insurance: This kind of insurance covers the dental care of your family members. Though this type of insurance is typically expensive than regular plans, the overall cost in the long run will most likely be less.

Affordable dental insurance

With a variety of dental insurance plans, be cautious in determining the one that would suit you best. Besides cost, there are other factors you will want to consider before choosing a dental insurance plan. Besides cost there are other factors you will want to consider before choosing a dental insurance plan.

  • Determine whether the dental insurance plan you have selected allows you to choose your own dentist. Because some plans will restrict you to only certain dentists while others leave you with a choice of selecting your own dentist.

  • Find out the kind of treatment covered under your dental insurance plan. Does it allow you and your dentist to choose the best treatment for you? Some plans will restrict payment to the cheapest treatment.

  • As a vital part, be sure to find out the items covered in your dental insurance plan. A good plan should cover two cleanings a year with no fee or office visit. Some may include the x-rays and fluoride treatment at no additional cost. Other services are usually split based on the plan's maximum payout amount.

  • Determine the amount you will pay for your dental insurance plan. As well find out whether your premiums are tax deductible.

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