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Travel Accident Insurance

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Travel Accident Insurance
With suitable travel accident insurance you can reduce the financial burden during odd situations such as sudden medical emergency or medical evacuation or even accidental death during travel.

Uncertainty is part of life, especially while traveling. You cannot envisage the uncertainties and risks you might undergo. If you are an avid traveler, you should be aware of the risks involved in long distance traveling. Accidents, illness, injury, natural calamities, terrorist attacks have become part of life, travel is no exemption. With suitable travel accident insurance you can reduce the financial burden during those odd situations.

Travel accident insurance

A travel accident insurance is similar to health and life coverage policies. These policies provide coverage for injuries or death that occurs due to an accident while traveling. However, the benefits covered under a travel an insurance policy vary from provider to provider based on the travel destination. In general, there are a variety of benefits that could be gained from a travel insurance policy. There are several types of coverage that are generally available:

Accidental Death (AD): Check whether your travel accident insurance plan includes the accidental death benefits. By this, the beneficiary could get the benefit if the insured person dies due to a qualified accident while traveling.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D): Similar to AD, this clause covers the full benefit upon the death of the insured person; it will also pay a fractional amount of the principal sum to the insured in case of an accidental dismemberment.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: In addition to the benefits of AD&D, some travel accident insurance also covers sudden cardiac arrests that are caused while traveling. However, it requires clear medical records from your end.

Medical Evacuation: Imagine you are traveling to some remote place which doesn't have enough medical facilities. If you suddenly become sick or injured, a medical evacuation benefit allows you to be transported to a place where you will get immediate or appropriate medical care.

Repatriation of Remains: If suddenly the insured person dies overseas, while in travel, this benefit covers the expense of having their remains sent back to the home country.

Emergency Reunion: This benefit covers the expense of having a family member brought along on a medical evacuation for the sake of the insured.

Lost Baggage: While in travel, if you lose your checked baggage due to theft or misdirection, this benefit pays for a fixed amount towards replacement of the same.

Choosing travel accident insurances

  • Bundled Policy: Check whether your travel accident insurance comes with family travel benefits, global medical insurance and trip cancellation/interruption insurance.

  • Ensure whether your insurance plan covers accidental death in vehicles, flight crashes or loss organs in case of any calamity.

Apart from the above there are other things like deductibles, co-insurance, benefit period etc which need to be studied carefully before purchasing a travel accident insurance. There are many ways to buy insurance, though online purchase is most preferred due its low cost. This reduces your cost for the agent.

Remember, almost all insurance plans have an exclusive clause. Hence it becomes vital on your part to read the fine print before taking up any insurance. For instance, none of the insurance provides accidental coverage in case of drunken driving and driving under the influence of narcotic substances. As well, none of the insurance provides benefits for accidents during risky sports like bungee jumping, car racing, scuba diving, water rafting, skiing, bike racing and mountaineering while in your travel.

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