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Household Insurance Quote

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Household Insurance Quote
Opting for household insurance is a prudent and sensible decision to protect the value of the possessions against any damage. Check out tips to secure unoccupied house insurance or household insurance quotes online.

Handpicked to provide a unique ambience, household collections reflect the thoughts and feelings of the owner. Despite the fact that people take good care of their household collections, there is still the risk of loss and damage. Natural calamities are neither predictable nor can they be put off. Opting for household insurance is a prudent and sensible decision to protect the value of the possessions against any damage.

What is household insurance?

In general household insurance refers to the security offered for the contents of any house or for the building or for both. Household insurance is described differently based on the location of the house/building and the insurance company.

Types of household insurance

Household contents insurance: This insurance covers removable collection of contents in the house such as jewelry, clothes, accessories, laptops, cameras, electrical appliances like washing machine and furniture. This insurance is useful for people who have rented a house or are living with friends or family. The damages covered under this category of insurance generally include storm, lightning, flood, theft, riot or spiteful damage, fire, explosion, falling tree and damage caused by vehicles, animals and earthquake.

People who prefer cheaper insurance premiums can opt for limited coverage but this option includes risk as damage caused by natural calamity can never be predicted. The policies and coverage on household contents insurance vary from company to company. Few companies offer cover for contents surrounding the house also.

Household building insurance: Household building insurance covers fixtures, furnishings and fittings in the house. Insurance coverage includes all rooms of the house like fitted kitchens and baths, boilers, garages, roofs, walls, windows etc. In general, any item that cannot be moved is covered under household building insurance. This insurance is very useful for people who live in their own house.

This insurance offers cover against lightning, earthquake, falling tree, aircraft, fire, explosion, oil leaking from a central heating system, theft or animal accident. This insurance policy does not cover damage caused due to negligence.

In general household insurance comprises a multi-risk policy for contents and building. Few companies prefer separate policies for fire, theft and liability, few other companies charge extra premium for cover against fire, liability and damage. Any person settling for household insurance can either buy both these household insurances or choose one of them.

Who can benefit from household insurance policy?

This policy is suitable for all householders, landlords and tenants. Policies are issued for a maximum period of one year. Choice can be made in between an all-inclusive cover or a separate cover. Under an all-inclusive policy, all the 10 sections of the home insurance policy will be covered. Under separate policy, the person has the liberty to choose the items that need insurance cover. At least two items should be chosen for cover under the separate cover policy.

What cover is offered?

Generally, the policy insures against loss or damage to the house and its content including jewelry, domestic appliances and other valuables. It also covers third-party liability and loss of baggage during travel. The coverage provided under various sections is as listed below (items covered may vary between companies).

Fire and associated threat: Covers loss or damage to building and contents due to fire, lightning, explosion etc.

Burglary and theft: Covers loss or damage of household property and contents due to burglary or theft while the house is either occupied or unoccupied.

Personal accident: This insurance provides cover for the entire family against personal accidents like permanent complete/partial disablement death.

Baggage: Your accompanied baggage is covered under insurance while you travel.

Transportation of household goods: Covers household contents against loss or damage during transit while relocating within the same city or to a different city.

Audio and audio-visual appliance :Complete coverage for appliances like television against fire, electrical or mechanical breakdown, burglary, theft and legal liability up to specific amount.

Breakdown of domestic appliances: Covers appliances like refrigerator against the risk of unexpected and sudden mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Purchase protection: Provides automatic protection for newly purchased articles against fire and burglary.

How much household insurance is required?

The right value of cover for contents and/or building is known as sum insured. The premium is calculated based on this value. The sum insured must be adequate enough to cover the total value of the goods and buildings to be insured. If the sum insured is very low the insurance will cover only a part of the cost of the total damage.

Household insurance quote

Collect information regarding household insurance from a minimum of 5 companies and compare their offer and cover. Compare the premium charged by different insurance companies for the same value of cover. Do not settle in for cheapest premium insurance as it will not offer complete cover if a damage occurs. Verify the insurance company before purchasing the premium from them - ensure that they are competent as well as effective and have a good reputation in the market.

Online household insurance quote

Online household insurance quotes can be obtained from the various insurance company websites. Online insurance quotes save the time of a person as he/she need not run around from company to company to collect quotes and information. Log on to the insurance company websites and fill up the online quote form. You will receive a quote within a few hours (depending on the company you choose). You should furnish details regarding the building to be insured, content to be insured, occupants of the house, locality of the house and loan applicant.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance is a type of insurance that pays for damage or loss of personal possessions of a person while the contents are in the applicant's house. Few contents insurance policies provide limited cover for personal possessions that are taken out provisionally for a short term.

Contents insurance offers cover for fire, explosion, earthquake and natural calamities. It also offers cover against theft, power surges, impact damage, damage caused by bursting and overflowing of geysers or water pipes, transit damage and liability. Contents polices have limited cover with regard to security that comprises of locks, armored doors, window shutters, grills, etc. While claiming for contents original bills should be produced.

Unoccupied house insurance

Any house that is vacant should also be protected; just like an occupied house. People might own two houses and keep moving from one to another frequently or they might have a house that needs to be sold. Normal house insurance does not cover unoccupied house and a special insurance called unoccupied house insurance helps to cover such homes.

Most insurance companies avoid house insurances if the house is vacant for more than 30 - 60 consecutive days because the risk of damages is much more when compared to occupied houses.

Floods, fire or any natural calamity and cause immense damage to the house and that might go unnoticed as the house is vacant. The expenses incurred to repair this damage will be much more when compared to a house that is occupied. In general unoccupied houses can be insured by two methods

Vacancy permit: A vacancy permit is an extension of the current insurance covering the already occupied house. Vacancy permit is more expensive when compared to normal insurance premiums.

Unoccupied house insurance: Many of the insurance companies offer unoccupied house insurance. You can pick unoccupied house insurance from any insurance company.

Unoccupied house insurance tips

In general insurance premiums for unoccupied houses are more expensive than normal home insurance. The insurance premium for such houses can be lowered by:

  • Installing a security system in the house.

  • If planning to sell the house, do not vacate the house until it is sold.

  • In case you should vacate the house, let it on rent until you finalize on the sale of the house.

  • Periodically check the house to ensure that all is well.

  • Ensure everything is locked and sealed properly in the house.

  • Request your neighbor to park his/her in the driveway of the house so that it appears occupied.

  • While fixing up the insurance company, discuss with them in detail about the various measures you have taken to reduce the risk of damage to the house.

  • Tell them how long you expect the house to be vacant and also tell them when the house will be occupied again. This step is more suitable for people who want to get a vacancy permit.

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