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Wire Jewelry Making

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Wire Jewelry Making
Use your talent and create gorgeous jewelry designs and start selling either at home jewelry parties or jewelry shops and gift boutiques or online. Learn about the fine art of wire jewelry making and jewelry making beads. Pick up useful jewelry making ideas.

Begin making your own jewelry with readily available kits and host jewelry parties. Create one-of-a-kind item for your baby, sister or mother or just start your own jewelry business, maybe on EBay and own an online jewelry store.

Amazing hand-made jewelry creations attract buyers aplenty. Use your talent and create gorgeous jewelry designs and start selling either at home jewelry parties or jewelry shops and gift boutiques or online - the opportunities are just endless. Learn about the fine art of wire jewelry making and jewelry making beads. Pick up useful jewelry making ideas.

Jewelry making beads

Bead jewelry making is interesting and sheer fun. The Bali bead style are silver beads originally crafted from designs that are centuries old. Handcrafted beads come with 93% silver with intricate designs. Focal designs as well as ornate clasps and hook style closures are popular with beads. Silver beads are more expensive than glass or plastic beads and you can spice up a boring design simply by adding a few well placed Bali beads. Bead caps in silver are crafted in the shape of a cone so that they can fit on the top and bottom of a round bead. They come in many an intricate design including that of woven baskets, flowers and more.

Spacer beads are used as accent beads in between other beads to create more interest in a design. Little metal tubes called crimp beads help close off the ends of bracelet and necklace jewelry. The wire is threaded through the tube, looped onto the clasp. Chip beads are made of semi precious stones and are called gemstone beads. They are made of garnet, turquoise or amber. These are irregular chunky uneven beads and come in different diameters and somewhat flattened but smoothed on the edges for wearing comfort. The faceted beads come cut and polished to take on a sparkling eye catching shine.

Lamp work beads, which are handmade glass beads, are often one of a kind design. They help create dimensional designs such as little bumps or swirls. Dichrotic glass beads need careful handling and they reflect different colors. They come in unique designs and are extremely eye catching; with mirror-like jewel tones.

Metal beads come in a wide array of designs and sizes. Glass, wooden and plastic beads come in a number of colors, shapes, sizes and designs; they have unique finishes and are inexpensive. Glass does not irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions.

Yet another interesting jewelry making bead is the real sea shell that has been cut and polished and turned into beads. These are great for summer and can be mixed up with leather or with turquoise or coral beads for interesting designs.

A mother of pearl focal beads can be used in pendants. Antique beads, thought to be more than 100 years old are often sought by designers. For instance, vintage Swarovski crystal beads in unique colors and shapes can be used to make a special set of earrings and bracelet.

Wired jewelry

Wire is as such very versatile and can be used to create fabulous hand crafted jewelry. While cost makes wire a better bet over diamonds, there are plenty of other factors that make it fun. Wire can be fashioned in just about any shape and design. It can be coiled to make a striking necklace or bracelet or worn simply with a choker bedecked with charms and trinkets.

While all wires were round historically, advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to wire in several shapes, including round, square and half round. These wires are twisted effectively to create interesting visual effects.

Elaborate ornaments can be created by wiring several shapes together and wearing it as a chest center pendent. Small, dense and spiraled shapes look great wired together.

Jewelry making ideas

Jewelry making is perhaps one of the popular hobbies and it is immense fun. You can have enormously satisfying results in relatively short periods of time.

  • While making jewelry, use a toenail clipper in place of cutters and trim the ends on beading wires and threads during an emergency.

  • Magnetic and toggle clasps on necklaces and bracelets for adults can be used, especially to enable those with arthritic pain to wear jewelry easily.

  • To stop the beads moving up and down the wire, small pieces can be used on either end of the beads to better secure them in place.

  • In wired jewelry, beware of sharp edges. Always bend wire ends inward and away from skin. The best way is to bend the wire by using fingers, usually the thumb and to press the wires against or around the jaw of the pliers rather than bend with the pliers.

  • To tame fuzzy twine, use beeswax sold in jewelry supply, craft and sewing stores. To enable conditioning of the twine, hold the beeswax firmly in one hand and pull the twine along it.

  • For longer lasting jewelry, always use natural hemp conjunction with the more fragile colored hemp.

Tips on oxidizing sterling silver jewelry with an egg: Chop up a boiled egg and place it in a bag with silver for a few hours. It will turn yellow and then pinkish purplish bluish and grayish black. Wash off the silver with soapy water, rinse and it is ready. The sulfur in the egg yolk causes the reaction. Just shine it up with some steel wool or a polishing cloth. This technique is not very cost effective in quantity but great in a pinch.

Tips on balling wire: The thinner the wire, the quicker it will ball up. Short pieces of wire take long time to ball up.

Jewelry making business

Home jewelry parties are not only successful from a business point of view but can be great fun. Invite a bunch of friends over; with good food and drinks and a whole table of wonderful jewelry for sale. Jewelry can also be made on the spot. Allow people to select beads from the stash or make custom jewelry right in front of their eyes.

A few jewelry making friends can get together and each of the friends can keep some percentage of the sales for the party. These parties are a great way to earn some extra income.

Pass on the business cards to those who attend the party to enable them pass on to their friends or call back later when they want more jewelry.

Hosting a website on jewelry can be a great resource for online sale of jewelry. For instance, selling jewelry at eBay has become popular as it is simple for anyone to get started selling online.

Jewelry making tips

  • Always wear protective glasses and old clothes or an apron while making jewelry at home.

  • Avoid wearing gloves as they can decrease the sensitivity of finders.

  • Be cautious when handling torches or picking compound.

  • Keep first aid supplies on hand.

  • Never touch heated objects with bare hands.

  • Always understand how to use the tools before attempting to work with them.

These days, there are jewelry making e-courses that help you discover new techniques in beading, wire work, metal jewelry making and more. Plenty of websites offer instructions on making pendants, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Surprise your family and friends with inexpensive but beautiful and unique jewelry gifts created by you.

Similarly, jewelry making beads, wires, and tools are all available online with a gamut of suppliers making their wares available very easily at affordable prices. Select your own jewelry making kit and there is no easier way to make unique jewelry with tools at bargain prices direct from the manufacturer's pricing.

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