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Importance of hobby

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Importance of hobby
The mind, body and the soul are in total synchronization when you are pursuing a hobby. Learn the benefits of devoting time to your hobby.

If you unearth the joy, pleasure and a plethora of upbeat feelings a hobbyist experiences, uttering the words 'no time for hobby' will be a thing of the past. The mind, body and the soul are in total synchronization and benefit equally while pursuing hobby. How? Read further and find answer.

Importance of hobby

Hobby is usually an activity which makes the person feel good. Hobbyists engage in hobbies out of interest. It is the emotional returns that are valued rather than financial reward. An activity chosen as hobby is very dear to one's heart doing which the hobbyist derives immense satisfaction. Satisfaction to the mind, the seat of feelings and thoughts satisfies the soul. The soul rejoices by way of experiencing satisfaction of mind. Satisfaction so derived boosts the person's morale, re-ignites energy resulting in an overall positive impact. Over the years, 'to ride one's hobby-horse', meaning 'to follow a favorite pastime' has continued to be purely for mental and physiological benefits.

Beat the blues: Hobby is a distinct way to get away from the otherwise monotonous everyday regimen.

Best for elders: Hobbies are a good way to pass time especially for retired seniors with ample leisure time. Great amount of research on the subject suggests reading, playing cards, board games, computer games, knitting and cracking crossword puzzles contribute to prevent or minimize memory loss associated with the process of aging. By engaging in a cognitive exercise, one can feel guarded against the onset of dementia and the Alzheimer's disease.

Brain friendly: Pursuing a hobby is good for the brain. When a person feels good, the nucleus accumbens, an area in the brain that controls feelings about life is stimulated. When a hobbyist passionately pursues a hobby and enjoys the activity, the brain's septal zone is well stimulated. It's the 'feel good' area that makes the hobbyist happy.

Kindles creativity: Pursuing an activity in which you have inherent interest helps unearth hidden talents. Pursuing a hobby stimulates parts of the brain related with creative and positive thinking. Hobbyists exhibit a deep interest to enhance knowledge on the subject.

Improves concentration: Concentration levels improve. Heightened state of concentration increases neurotransmitter levels in brain. Chemicals like endorphins, norepinephrine and dopamine levels increase, these contribute to improving focus and interest in any activity.

Aids straight thinking: Engaging in hobby leaves less or no time for wayward thinking.

Fosters self-esteem: Hobbyists think beyond the boundaries of job, work, business etc. They have varied interests with wider perception. Hobbyist evaluates self-worth beyond financial revenues and work performance.

Fosters friendship: A tech-savvy hobbyist creates blogs and participates in forums and clubs connecting with other hobbyists. Here, hobby is a networking tool that opens a new avenue to build friendship.

Stress buster: After a hard day's work, engaging in a passionate activity destresses and relaxes the mind. It's a smart and effective technique to unwind towards the end of the day and contributes to enjoying a good night's sleep.

Save dollars: Pursuing hobbies like knitting, sewing, painting, candle making, jewelry making, paper crafts, gift bags etc provide for a source of handmade gift items to friends and family. A unique gift that helps save dollars too.

Turn hobbies into profits: There are great ways of converting love for photography, passion for artwork or any other hobby pursuit into a moneymaking business proposition.

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