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Bead craft dates back to ancient times when decorative items were fashioned out of stone, turtle shells, animal horns, deer hooves and freshwater clams. Wooden beads and softened seeds were used to come up with interesting items. Native American bead craft, Mexican bead craft jewelry and African beadwork are testimony to intricate and ancient bead craft. Navajos still use their ancient techniques to create beaded jewelry with slices of turquoise and other semi precious stones pieces.

Smaller beads involve more intricate work and these pieces of bead craft jewelry can be expensive. Modern day bead craft involves making artistic jewelry, decorative items and fashionable accessories to be worn or displayed. Bead craft kits come replete with necessary materials and instructions. You can pick up pony beads in an exciting range of colors and shapes. Bead craft jewelry is a great craft hobby for growing kids – keeps them busy creating simple earrings and necklaces that they can wear.

Bead craft

The evolution of beads makes for interesting reading. The types of beads used were indicative of the kind of technology prevalent in that period. From the glass beads of Venice used for creating rosaries to the terracotta beads of India, beads come in interesting materials. You can pick up cast metal beads made of silver and German silver. These are used for crafting bead jewelry to complement semi precious stones. Ceramic beads and wooden beads come in attractive shapes too. Crimp beads are made of soft metal and are flattened onto soft –flex wire and are used in beaded items to complete a strand. Crimp beads give a finished look to your bead craft item. They help keep other beads securely in place so that they don’t shift around on the wire.

If you are nimble fingered, you can put your skills to good use by creating decorative articles with bead craft. Start with simple bead craft patterns that give you step-by-step instructions. You can pick up beaded banner kits or bead accessory kits that come with necessary materials, instructions and patterns. Create beaded curtains, doilies, ponytail holders or friendship bands.

Bead craft does not require many tools. For a beginner to bead craft hobby, you need wire thread to bead on, a wide assortment of beads, wire cutters and crimp beads. Ransack your local craft store for interesting closures for your beaded jewelry like lobster clasps and hooks and eyes. You can start with a simple necklace or bracelet and then work your way up to more intricate patterns and styles. Make a longer bracelet to wrap around your wrist many times or a multi-layered necklace. A beaded belt can make for a fashionable and unique accessory. You can let your imagination run riot…colorful beads, metal wire and tools and your creativity!

Bead craft pony

Pony beads are popularly used these days to create exquisite works. Pony beads come in exciting shapes, sizes and styles. Play around with frosted or marbled beads, opaque or neon beads and you can be sure to come up with something unique and beautiful. You can pick up pony beads in shapes like melon, oval, barrel, star, butterfly, heart and flower. Pony bead craft kits come with patterns and instructions to create a range of articles from belt buckles and collar dangles to Christmas decorations and gift ideas such as key chains, bookmarks and personalized jewelry items.

Translucent pony beads and beads in glitter shades offer a rainbow-like effect. You can start your Christmas decoration projects with pony beads in metallic finishing like silver, gold and copper. You can probably make a Santa bracelet for your kid or funky earring for your teenager. Seed beads are small and come in cylindrical, round and square shapes. Bugle beads come as long tubes of varying lengths. For crafting an exquisite piece of jewelry, use stone beads made of jade, onyx, hematite or amethyst.

Bead craft jewelry

You can bring out the old pearls or peridots that have been lying unused and string them to create an exquisite and unique jewelry item. Plan your design before you begin. Have your color scheme and pattern clearly marked out. Check out the beads for symmetry in color and design before you begin stringing. Use metal spacers when you are fashioning bead craft jewelry with semi-precious stones. Try and incorporate your birthstone to personalize your jewelry. Once you are well versed with the basics of beading jewelry, you can venture into more elaborate articles.

Choose your beaded jewelry accessories carefully. While barrel clasps and simple and attractive, they may not be suitable for anklets. Toggle clasps are simple and work well for thick necklace. Select a suitable attractive lobster claw to secure beaded jewelry with precious stones. Ensure that you have the right containers to contain your growing stock of beads and accessories. Lay out a bead board or a towel before you begin beading.

If you are not inclined towards making beaded jewelry, you can pick up exquisite pieces of bead craft jewelry from online stores. You will be spoiled for choice with elegant topaz Swarovski crystals or exciting combinations of mahogany, hematite and black onyx earrings. Pink freshwater pearl earrings with sterling silver bead caps are simple and elegant.

Bead Craft

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Bead Craft