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Christmas Craft Project

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Christmas Craft Project
Christmas crafts are ideal to keep the little ones busy. They can help in getting the family together on simple yet attractive Christmas craft projects.

Its Christmas time yet again ... and what better way to make cute personalized ornaments and gifts than to indulge in simple and easy Christmas crafts. With easy-to-find materials and lots of creativity and ingenuity, you can come up with ornaments for your Christmas tree, decorations to put up at home and inexpensive gifts. Little kids can be kept busy with Christmas crafts; it would also help inculcate the spirit of sharing and giving! From table decorations to napkin rings, from wall hangings to simple jewelry, Christmas crafts can be fun to make and gift. Take some tips for simple Christmas craft projects.

  • Make beaded napkin rings. Use shiny beads, colored beads and metallic beads; string them together and come up with attractive napkin rings. In keeping with the season, you can use colors like red, green and gold.

  • Pick up metal jingle bells and you can have loads of fun making festive door hangers. Put ribbons and other decorative accessories to good use and you are sure to come up with a winner of an idea.

  • Make theme bookmarks for gifts. Use colored papers, wallpaper, fabric, yarn, wool, ribbon or just about any craft item that is lying about the house.

  • Make your own personalized deer this Christmas. Use patterned craft paper. Cut out a triangle for his head. Two smaller ovals make his ears. Little felt eyes or beads would do. A pom-pom nose will make it really adorable. Use a tube and stick the paper deer to the top center of it. Use straws for antlers. In much the same way, you can have Santa ready too! Red craft paper would do well. Cotton wool for the beard and black craft paper for his belt and gloves.

  • It's easy to make little Angels with paper, crayons and color markers. Use yellow or black wool for hair. Draw a pretty face and glue on some wool for hair. Make a cute frock with a piece of leftover cloth. Put these Angels up on your Christmas tree or decorate the kids' room with them.

  • You can take little crosses and get kids to make beaded chains for them. Ideal Christmas activity to keep little fingers busy.

  • Use construction paper and colors to come up with Christmas puppets of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, snowman and Rudolph the reindeer.

  • Slightly older kids can make gingerbread houses with crackers, candies and other edible decorations such as pretzels, sprinkles and cake frosting. They will have plenty of fun getting the gingerbread house together and then eating it up after Christmas.

  • Nothing symbolizes Christmas as much as a shining luminescent star. Make paper stars with colorful paper. Give a 3-dimensional effect by interlacing 2 paper stars.

  • Nothing symbolizes Christmas as much as a shining luminescent star. Make paper stars with colorful paper. Give a 3-dimensional effect by interlacing 2 paper stars.

  • Put mason jars to good use this festive season. Create gifts or giveways such as spice jars filled with rosemary, cranberry and herbs or even homemade candy. You could work your creative magic by making cute decorative items with them. Give them a frosty look and put in a small Santa and reindeer.

  • String up garlands of pinecones or paper cutouts - they can be used for decorating rooms as well as Christmas trees.

Faux pearls, artificial cranberries, art kits, ribbons and chains, wooden beads and upholstery and fabric pieces make for excellent materials for Christmas crafts. With a little ingenuity, a clothes hanger can work as the base for a beautiful homemade Christmas tree. You can extend your Christmas crafts' projects to come up with unique gift-wrapping ideas. You can make pom poms and trimmings - they double up as tree trimmings and wrapping ideas! Handmade ornaments have a special allure. In addition to adding warmth to your tree, use them to decorate your windows, ledges or shelves.

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