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Valentine Day Crafts

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Valentine Day Crafts
If you are nimble fingered, look for ideas for Valentine Day crafts. Spend a little time to make something yourself for the one you love.

With Valentine?s Day round the corner, you sure would be looking for gift ideas! While red roses and chocolates are the traditional favorites, you can put together simple Valentine day crafts for you and the ones you love. Make colorful bracelets or cute heart-shaped pillows, whip up a yummy dish for both of you to share or create a special Valentine?s Day card to show how much you care. Your handmade Valentine Day crafts gift will speak volumes for the depth of your affection and probably say more than gifts bought off the shelf!

Valentine day crafts ideas

All you need to create simple gifts for the special person is little odds and ends, loads of creativity and lots of love! Valentine?s day gifts are not just for the love of your life but also for a special teacher, babysitter or friend. Make heart-shaped doilies, homemade cookies, heart donuts and more. Pick up craft ideas to make tissue, velvet or paper flowers. Make Valentine day wreaths, letter holders and plant holders, carry bags or photo frames. Wrap up your Valentine day crafts with unique ideas. Print out personalized stationery with lovely pink flowers. Make cute little red paper bags. Fill them with little gifts or tasty treats. Make pretty doilies in pink and use them on your tea trays.

Valentine Day Candle: Melt paraffin wax in a double boiler. Use the melted wax to paint over paper hearts and flowers. Glue them on a large decorative candle. Embellish with ribbons or glitter.

Valentine Day crafts with clay: Clay is a versatile craft supply. You can fashion it into beads, bracelets or pendants. Opt for fine polymer clay. Use moulds and candy- cutters to come up with interesting shapes and bake them to harden. Mix and match with colorful glitter beads, pony beads and other jewelry supplies to come up with unique pieces of jewelry. Use them with ribbons or bracelets to make bands much like friendship bands. Twist and curl ribbons in interesting variations for a new look. Combine with rose quarts, pearls, accent beads or amethysts for dressy jewelry.

Jewelry: Stretchable jewelry cords can be put to best use with shiny beads, colorful stones and other charms. Bracelets and chains or anklets can be fun to make and wear.

Delicious Valentine Day gifts: Use simple recipes for chocolate squares or cupcakes and fashion them into heart-shaped goodies. Your favorite brownie recipe can be used to make heart- shaped or candy cane yummies. Sprinkle icing sugar or chopped nuts. Use bread stick dough to come up with interesting shapes of buns and breadsticks. While hearts are all-time favorites for Valentine?s Day, you can come up with your sweetheart?s initials or flowers and other shapes. Sprinkle sesame seeds or flaxseeds for an interesting flavor.

Valentine Day card crafts: Cut out cards in the shape of a cupid?s bow and arrow or flower. Let your imagination run riot and come up with a card that says all you want to say. Use wallpaper samples, wrapping paper, fabric pieces to make for an interesting collage. Use stencils, rubber stamps, clip art and cookie cutters if you are not artistically inclined. You can hide the cards in interesting locations so that you can surprise the recipient with your loving message. Make cute hearts with red felt. Now you can think of fun ways to tack them up - On the mantel stand; on the laptop; on the bedroom door and on the car dashboard. You can stiffen them with card paper and use them as book marks. Put them over a magnet and you have a fridge magnet. Use these red hearts on your gift wrapping. Scatter rose petals in pretty heart patterns on your coffee table.

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