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Scrapbooking Idea

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Scrapbooking Idea
An extended photo album, a craft book or a storehouse of memories; scrapbooking ideas help you share your thoughts and special moments with friends and family spread anywhere on the globe. Read up more on scrapbooking kits and digital scrapbooking.

People all over love to preserve snapshots and memorabilia of various events and experiences of their life. Tucked away in boxes are old snaps, memoirs and little notes that speak volumes of a time gone by. Today with families spread across the globe, there is increasing need to share memories. There is no better platform to share your reminisces than in the form of a scrapbook.

Evoke and preserve memories in a scrapbook, not just with pictures but with comments, notes and expressions. Scrapbooking is a technique for conserving an inheritance of times gone by, by means of photographs, written thoughts and memorabilia enclosed in bedecked scrapbooks.

Currently this is one of the most popular craft activities. As per Creative Keepsake Magazine, scrapbooking has grown by over 600 % for the last five years. Currently it is a billion-dollar industry with more and more companies crafting scrapbooking goods. A study indicates that one out of four families has a member playing golf, and one of three has a member involved in scrapbooking ideas. Look for online scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking tips.

With the right scrapbooking tools, scrapbooking stickers, scrapbooking layout and scrapbooking kit, you can create a creative memory scrapbooks or a poem scrapbooks and give vent to your creativity and talent.

Scrapbooking idea

A scrapbook typically contains photos, mementos, notes about various events and memoirs. It started of in a fashion of story telling, albeit with illustrations, pictures and text. Scrapbooking mainly helps you safeguard reminiscences in an inimitable and artistic manner. Typically scrapbooking takes considerable amount of time, supplies and effort. You need to be well stocked with paper, glue, scrapbooking stickers, scissors and photos to create attractive pages. Bring out the hidden poet in you; choose to go in for poem scrapbooking. You can put down small poems, thoughts and musings in the form of a poem scrapbook.

Recent times have seen scrapbooking being done on 12 inch x 12 inch or 81/2 inch x 11 inch pages. Smaller folders of 6 inch x 6 inch, 7 inch x 7 inch, and 8 inch x 8 inch are also gaining in popularity. A variety of embellishments such as scrapbooking stickers, die cuts, trinkets and the like are used to embellish scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking layout

Layout is to a scrapbooking what garnish is to a recipe. Get this checklist in place before you decide on your scrapbooking layout:

  • Plan where everything needs to be positioned, the course of the scrapbook, positioning of embellishments etc. This will give a clear idea on what you have in mind and how well you are able to relate it.

  • Scrapbooking layouts give you an accurate focal point and enable you to progress accordingly. Placing all the right things at the right place will be the main focal point of a scrapbooking layout. If you do not use the layout there are chances that you may loose the right track to place things.

  • You can create your own layouts or just follow one that is pre-designed.

Scrapbooking stickers

Scrapbooking stickers are ready to use and can be used almost any where you want to. Attractive scrapbooking stickers can embellish a simple scrapbook and captivate anybody's attention.

  • Scrapbooking stickers are cost effective and can be used as a face lift for the scrapbook. Stickers are a necessity for each scrapbook aficionado.

  • If your handwriting is bad you need not worry any longer, you can use the letter stickers to come to your rescue.

  • Scrapbooking stickers come in a wide range to match any embellishment or occasion such as wedding, birthdays, newborns, heritage etc.

  • Stickers can be resourced through online stores too.

  • Ensure that you buy good quality stickers so that you do not face problems with adhesives and quality.

Scrapbooking tips

If you are running short of the right ideas for your scrapbook, do not panic you have scores of online scrapbooking ideas at your disposal. Borrow a couple of others creative ideas and add up a few of your own and make your scrapbook a unique and interesting one. You need not follow a specified scrapbooking idea; let your thoughts take their own course and you can be sure to come up with a winner. Scrapbooking kits come in various themes, styles and designs. They help in giving you a headstart in creating your own memory scrapbook.

  • You can create a wonderful creative memory scrapbooking by selecting all the photographs of your past that holds a lot of personal value to you.

  • Pick all the events that were so special to you, that you hold close to your heart and let the creative memory scrapbook speak for itself. A baby scrapbook takes you down memory lane from when your bundle of joy came into your lives to the first tottering steps to the first day of school.

  • You can pass on this rich heritage of creative memory scrapbooking to your future generation. Imagine the awe and wonder when they see their grandparents' wedding snaps or their parents as little kids.

Scrapbooking tools

Scrapbooking tools make easy work of your scrapbooking hobby easier to be completed.

  • The foremost requirement for any scarpbooker will be cutting tools that include punches, shape cutters, paper trimmers, cutting mat, craft knife, and die cut machine, decorative-edge scissors and the all-important scissors.

  • Stamp positioners assist placing stamped images precisely wherever you would like them to be placed. They include ink, pigment powder and brayer.

  • Adhesives are another important tool and help retain the collection in its place. They include spray, foam, dots, sticks, glues, tabs, adhesive removers, tapes and turners.

  • You can enhance the dimension of your scrapbook with the help of embossing tools. They include templates, stencils, light box, stylus, embossing powder, embossing pens and heat embossing tools.

  • Writing and coloring tools help add the colors and text to your scrapbook in an easy and quick method. They include leafing pen, chalk, blender, pigment powder, metallic rub-on, gel pens, paint, ink markers and color pencils.

  • Additional tools such as archival spray, tweezers, pickup square, T-squares, wipes, bone folder and color wheels will also be of help.

Digital scrapbooking

Gone are the days when scrapbooking meant cutting and pasting of photographs on books and sheets. Today scanners, desktop publishing, page layout programs and advanced printing alternatives offer alternative methods to generate attractive layouts in digital types. If you are considering creating a digital scrapbook, assess your skill with graphic programs. Enlist the help of tutorials on digital scrapbooking. Many photo editing software offer online resources for digital scrapbooking. You can make use of templates or graphic kits for creating attractive scrapbooks.

  • Images, memorabilia and embellishments are created digitally and are safeguarded for future generations by means of a digital scrapbooking.

  • Digital scrapbooking is available in complete digital form and can be published on the Internet by the scrapbooker himself.

  • Digital scrapbooking saves time and space since they are saved in digital format and can be printed whenever needed. Such digital scrapbooks can be easily shared with friends and family.

  • Digital scrapbooking allows better blend of resources, is cost effective, has offers the facility to exchange completed pages with added ease on the Internet. For example, if you want to give a torn look to the page of your scrapbook, it can easily be done and changed later. In general MS Digital Image Pro, JASC paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop is used for creating digital scrapbooks. Digital scrapbooking has an edge over the other forms as it can be stored digitally as well as physically.

  • Scrapbooking software is usually user-friendly and does not require much graphic skills.

Online scrapbooking

Online scrapbooking is ideal for extended families spread across the globe. Share snaps, memories and events with those who are not able to be physically present. What better way to keep bonds alive than to opt for online scrapbooking! You can make changes occasionally and add to the collection. It makes easy work of printing scrapbooks too.

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