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Magnetic Therapy

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Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic therapy is an alternative medicine practice involving the use of static magnetic fields to alleviate chronic pains. The method of applying magnet to the human body is considered safe and non-invasive; however, the therapy is not free of skepticism.

Magnetic therapy is an alternative medicine practice involving the use of static magnetic fields to alleviate chronic pains. Also referred as magneto therapy or magno therapy, this healing method is quite prevalent in the history of Egypt, India and Greece. Atharvana veda, one of the ancient scriptures of India has few notes on magnetic therapy. The ayurvedic practitioners suggest that magnetic therapy is the best to way to alleviate pains and rejuvenate the body and the mind.

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy deals with the application of electromagnetic devices or permanent static magnets to the body for healing chronic pains or increasing energy flow in the body. The therapy involves using magnets that are specifically designed for human application and has the power to interact with the energy system of the body. Two schools of thoughts exist in describing magnetic therapy in humans.

  • The first school of thought describes the application of magnets for pain relief. By this theory, magnets affect the electric current in cells. When magnets are subjected to the painful regions of the body, the nerves in that area are stimulated thus alleviating the innate pain in that area.

  • The second school of thought on magnetic therapy is more relevant to the first one. It states that when magnets are applied to the painful areas of the body, the cells in that area respond to increased blood circulation, ion exchange, and oxygen flow to the area. By attracting and repelling the charged particles in the bloodstream, the magnetic fields increase the blood flow throughout the body. Scientifically, increased oxygen in the tissues and blood stream is bound to create a significant difference in the pace of healing.

The method of applying magnet to the human body is considered safe and non-invasive; however, the therapy is not free of skepticism.

Magnetic therapy pain and healing

According to modern science, magnetic therapy is effective in treating diseases pertaining to

  • Circulatory system
  • Digestive System
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Urinogenital system
  • Ulcers
  • Bowels of the uterus
  • Pain, swelling and inflammation in the body
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Insomnia

Magnetic therapy products

Considering the efficiency of its healing, a wide variety of magnetic products is sold in the market. This includes magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets, straps for wrists, ankles, knees and the back, magnetic shoe insoles, magnetic mattresses, blankets. The market even has magnetized water for certain therapeutic purposes.

When shopping for these magnetic products, keep in mind to check the strength of the magnet in the product. The most effective magnets are between 500 and 15,000 gauss. Remember, deeper the pain or injury, higher should be strength of the magnet.

A small self-adhesive magnet would be ideal for pains like headaches and sprains. Choose a larger and more powerful magnet if you intend to influence the flow of energy throughout the entire body.

Magnetic bracelets serve better in controlling nausea, aches and pains in the hands, wrists or forearms. While a magnetic insole for your shoes can have some effect on your feet, say like reflexology. Most of these magnetic insoles for shoes are developed on the principles of reflexology.

As for magnetic pillows and mattress, they can increase the flow of circulation while you are asleep. They also aid in relaxation during sleep. While shopping for magnetic products, remember to buy products that have both magnetic and thermal properties. Because heat and magnet when used together, are found to produce better results.

Bio-magnetic therapy

Bio magnetic therapy is the field of scientific experimentation of magnetic fields on living organisms. Researches worldwide have conducted experiments with magnets on plants, bacteria, virus and human to ascertain their biological effects. Many experiments were also conducted to discover the effect of magnetic field in the human body.

Japanese researchers indicate that magnets are effective in treating blood pressure, stiff-shoulders, constipation and fatigue. While Russian studies indicate that magnets are effective in treating kidney stones and gall-bladder stones in human beings.

Considering the magnets acquaintance with iron, it is also found that magnets are effective in separating red blood cells from blood plasma and other blood cells. This discovery has paved way for magnet as a potential therapy in treating many diseases or conditions in human beings.

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