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Reflexology charts are maps that indicate organs and body areas that are related to different parts of your foot. This gentle therapy is not to be confused with massage.

Reflexology is a gentle therapy that works on reflex points or pressure points on the foot. This in turn provides a cascading relieving effect on other parts of the body. The foot reflexology chart is based on the premise that each part of the foot is a mirror site for a part on the body. Ailments such as migraine headaches, sinusitis, hormonal imbalances and breathing disorders have known to subside with appropriate reflexology treatment. Reflexology is sometimes referred to as zone therapy.


Though reflexology can be traced back to ancient China, India and Egypt, it was in 1913 that Dr. William Fitzgerald studied that the reflex areas on the hand and feet had a connection with areas on the body. His research was furthered by Eunice Ingham, who developed the Zone therapy or reflexology as we know it today.

Reflexology is considered a complementary, integrative health science that works as a type of preventive maintenance too. With nearly 7,200 nerve endings on each hand and foot, the pressure applied on the reflex points seeks to recondition the nerves through the neural system of the body.

  • Reflexology improves nerve, blood and lymphatic supply
  • Each session relaxes the targeted areas of the body
  • Reflexology seeks to persuade the body to heal itself and reinforce all the systems.

Most people feel calm and relaxed after a reflexology session. In these days of growing stress, many are taking to reflexology sessions so as to cleanse the body and lubricate the muscles. Improved transportation of nutrition, glucose and oxygen goes a long way in maintaining good health. Some of the ailments that reflexologists work on:

  • Back pain

  • Migraine

  • Arthritis

  • Sleep disorders

  • Stress related conditions
  • Digestive disorders

Foot Reflexology

Reflexologists claim to relieve aches and pains by applying pressure on the correct reflex points on the foot. According to foot reflexology charts, the big toe is considered the reflex area for the head. The reflexologist uses thumb and fingers to locate sore spots on your hands and feet to improve circulation, promote relaxation and release tensions. Different parts of the foot also correspond with emotional and mental state.

A person suffering from an imbalance within the body would experience greater tenderness. Gentle pressure removes wastes such as uric acid that has accumulated around the foot. A trained reflexologist would need to devise a unique pressure for each person. During a foot reflexology session, the entire foot is assessed for sore spots so that those areas can be worked upon more. He must detect subtle changes in specific points on the feet.

Reflexology charts

Foot reflexology charts are indicative maps that approximate to parts on the human anatomy - they indicate reflex points on the toes and heels that represent each part and area of the body. Reflexology charts provide a guideline for the various reflex points for cardio-vascular, central nervous, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, sensory, skeletal, and urinary systems.

Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology is not as popular as foot reflexology but nevertheless it offers many a healing benefit against stress and tension. A trained reflexologist will stimulate the reflexes on the hand that relate to all glands and organs of the body. This is done with special thumb and finger techniques that can alleviate pain and calm the mind. Hand reflexology is not to be confused with a generalized massaging motion. Pressure is applied to specific pressure points that correspond to your health problems. A powder or lotion may be used during the hand reflexology session. A typical session lasts about half an hour to one hour.

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